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If you were around Nilai and happened that you were hungry at the same time, here is a place I would recommend.

Yi Pin Xiang 一品湘 is a Chinese restaurant manned by these people from China, specializing in Xiang Cuisine (or also known as Hunan Cuisine) and Northeastern Chinese Cuisine 东北菜 (or historically known as Manchuria in English). Hunan Cuisine is very well known for its hot and spicy flavour, fresh in aroma and deep in colour. They utilize a lot of chili peppers, shallors and garlic, and also spiced by pure chili content. As for Northeastern Chinese Cuisine, they normally rely on preserved foods due to harsh winters and short growing seasons. Yi Pin Xiang is a place where I found the authentic flavours that I missed so much. The beef which is very well spiced, the gamey lamb, the appetizer that made of clear noodles and tossed with ZheJiang vinegar…


Started with the appetizer. Cucumber with sauce 刀拍黄瓜 (Rm8) is a basic dish that is simply found in any household in China. 


Tossed Mung Clear Noodles in Sauce 肉丝拉皮 (Rm 10)
My favourite that tossed in their appetizing special sauce. I’d tapao-ed another packet home too!


Hot Plate Beef 铁板牛肉 (Rm 18 – small)
Something not to be missed. Tender slices of beef on the hot plate were very well seasoned with their very special spices and chilli flakes. I assure you will love it once you sink your teeth in them. The flavour was very much alike the lamb skewers (or Chuanr) which are originated in Xinjiang province of China. Quite spicy it was, but if you couldn’t take it too spicy, asks for the milder version.


Fried Lamb with Cumin 孜然羊肉 (Rm 16 – small)


Braised Eggplant with Minced Pork 肉末茄子 (Rm 18)
Eggplant lovers must have!


Deep Fried French Bean with dry chilli 干煸四季豆 (Rm 14 – small)


Stewed Steaky Pork with Sauerkraut 酸菜汆白肉 (Rm 16 – small)
Fermented cabbage that was great for your intestine, loaded with amounts of Lactobacillus. The German version was good but this Chinese version was really special too. Made into soup and added in slices of pork, we cleared off the appetizing soup too!


Double cooked pork Slices 回锅肉 (Rm 16 – small)


Guo Qiao Tofu 过桥豆腐 (Rm 15 – small)


Salted Egg Pumpkin 鲜蛋南瓜 (Rm 14 – small)
Sinful deep fried pumpkin slices that coated with layer of salted egg yolk batter. Yum!


Dumplings 饺子 here come with a few choices of fillings. These are the one with celery bits and minced pork. Priced at only Rm 7 for 10 pieces.

I believe there are few Chinese restaurants like Yi Pin Xiang in KL. If you come across any, do let me know!

Restoran Yi Pin Xiang 一品湘
Giant Supermarket
A29-30, 1st Floor,
9 Avenue, Taman Koporat,
Putra Nilai,
71800 Nilai, Negeri Sembilan

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Oh, I keep drooling when saw your photo of that Sauerkraut pot 😛

By the way, do u know any Hunan cuisine in kl?! Can’t wait to go for it again

you make me sooooo hungry!! 😛

You also make me hungry, always!!!

ooo, i’ve never eaten at nilai before. the pork with sauerkraut looks like a very interesting recipe! 😀

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