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Couldn’t get a long leave for holidays; why not plan a day trip or a short one like what we did?! With the BFFs, we travelled down south on one of the weekends; to the latest theme park, had a night stay and went on a food trail.


5 of us, and we were doing the last minute brain storm google-ing on what to eat during our final day.


Cendol; the very first thing that popped out in my mind; the sweet chilling icy dessert drenched with thick and fragrant coconut milk is something to die for; especially during the hot and humid weather.


And there we were, ended up in East & West Rendezvous café; for bowls of delectable icy cool desserts.


Durian cendol (Rm 3.50)
If you fancy durian, go for their durian cendol.


Not a durian fan me, I went for the no-durian cendol. Each bowl (at the price at Rm 2.50) comes with bits such as Sago, pandan flavoured greenish cendol, red beans were covered with a mountain of finely shaved ice, drenched with 100% Gula Melaka and also fragrant coconut milk. Mix them up to enjoy the balance of everything in a spoonful.


Nyonya kuih (Rm 1), very addictive pieces.


Aside from cendol and nyonya kuih, Nyonya Chang (dumpling) is another good stuff to go after. Beautified with touches of blue rice (which coloured by the concentrated juice from the blue flower); filled with generous portion of fillings that made of minced pork, mushroom and wintermelon, and not to forget the spices that gave the fragrance to the dumpling.


Well, cendol is a must to go for if you are here in Melaka, never head off without a bowl of this chilling sweet. By the way, their dumpling (chang) are selling fast, do make reservation ahead beforehand to avoid disappointment.

East & West Rendezvous 祖传冰室
60, Lorong Hang Jebat,
75200 Melaka
Tel: 016-634 6283 (Grace Tan)

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Comments (12)

I too would go for the ‘no durian’ version. 🙂

haha, same as me 🙂

The nyonya dumpling looks very nice!

nice and yummy 🙂

last week only heard of the melaka’s durian cendol from my cousin…. but bit scared of trying…

hi Xueen,
hmm, i don’t take durian, so couldnt really comment about it. the normal one is good enough! love the thick gula melaka and also the coconut milk that drenched all over the ice.

Those nyonya kuih looks amazing.

yummy too!

I went to Melaka last week happens to passed by this stall and have tried nyonya dumpling and original cendol, very delicious… Hope to visit this stall again.

glad that you like it.
i love it a lot too! wish i could have a bowl of cold cendol at this hour

I will also opt for no durian version!

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