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Anyone facing Monday blue? I hope not as we people gotta have a PH on coming Wednesday. Yay! So, I am not sharing up desserts on this usual Monday. And for those who are having Monday blue, perhaps, something like this for supper later???

The greasiest ever.

Seriously, will you take it?


Photo credits to Broughtup2share

Ayam Special (RM 4)


It was a late evening/ night and ken brought us here for the sloppiest burger ever – the ultimate OM burger. Located here in Ampang Jaya, just right in front of the brightly lit 7-11 convenient stall; manned by this friendly OM (pak cik in Javanese).


Once we placed orders, pak cik will then grill the patties in the pool of margarine.


Same goes to the eggs and the buns and the sausages too (if you love having it in your burger)


Messy, messy and it’s messy everywhere.


The burger, layered with patties, onions, tomatoes, cabbages, eggs and cheese; heavily drenched with mayonnaise and chilli sauce and touched with pepper.

What so special about their burger?!
The burger was very flavourful and delicious, the patty was very juicy with a lil’ crispy edges and the bun was soaked up with all the juicy bits (or oil from the margarine) from the patty.

triple om-1

I would say, this is not just an ordinary street burger. And do forget about the greasiness while you are enjoying the burger. Eat first, and think later larrrr!


OM Burger
Lorong Kolam Air Lama,
68000 Ampang Jaya, Selangor
(In front of 7-11 Convenience Store)
Opens at night only from 8pm daily

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Comments (15)

See the burger.. I am hungry now.. forgot my dinner again!

Haha, was it just a coincidence that we posted OM Burger on the same day? Ah, looking at it makes me crave for it again, so late at night…

haha, what a coincidence!!! we both posted on the same day.
i want this again lar, craving for it! huhu

Though it look abit messy…But I can see its delicious (from the 1st pic)

it is very delicious!!!
you must have a try, you will love it

Too oily & sloppy for me >.<

haha, so health conscious!
once a while is okay mar

Ya, it is too oily.

lol, just once a while arrr 🙂

*GULP* all I can think of is CALORIES, FATS AND MORE FATS! >.< I would love to have it if my body doesn't store fats!

chill chill!!!
once a while only 😀
and after that on diet and exercise more! 😛

WOW~ Looks delicioussss and juicyyyy!!! *slurrrppp*

eh, you guys really must try it. superb!!!

Wahhhh I so wanna try this OM…OM.. OM…

Messy is a good sign of deliciousness!!! 😉

and ended with nom nom nom …
haha, yeahhh, messy but delicious!

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