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SAM_4349Japan Trip 2015: 9D8N Tokyo, Kawaguchiko & Kamakura March to April is the time that people floods over to Japan for the short but beautiful and scenic Hanami; the cherry blossom viewing in spring. Besides spring, autumn is also the season that is crowded...

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SAM_1533-0034D3N Exploring the Wonder City: Dubai Like what I have said earlier, this is not purely a tour to Dubai, we were there with a mission, a task, a food tour. Hence this will serve as a basic guide for those who have only a limited time or short...

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DSC_1085Japan Trip 2014: 9D8N Hiroshima & Kyushu Area Konnichiwa こんにちわ Okay lar, actually I have no idea what to put up a title for this post. I touched down at Nagoya but didn’t cover much as we were travelling to the southern part of...

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DSC_0109China Trip 2014: 8D7N Kunming, Dong Chuan & Li Jiang Came back from my china trip early of the month and it’s time to update a little about that. This is such a beautiful trip with very scenic places and it almost killed my memory card. Super love...

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DSC_2651Hua Hin Train Station @ Hua Hin, Thailand When you are travelling in Hua Hin, Thailand, you will find a lot of this sign standing along the road. No matter where you go, you will find this; along the road, or in the postcard, or even made...

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Afternoon Tea in 2OX French Bistro @ Jalan Doraisamy, KL


Category : Afternoon Tea, French, Kuala Lumpur

Fake tai-tai is back in action, this round the real tai-tai is with me. We are taking you on a STEAL journey this round; an afternoon tea that will fill up your tummy but will not burn your pocket a hole.


Back to one of my favourite restaurants this round, trying out the afternoon tea in French style. Didn’t know they serve afternoon tea until the day when the real tai-tai brought me over. A laid-back place it is, perfect for a weekend treat; giving the peace to the mind while enjoying the bit and pieces of sweet and savouries and sipping on the hot beverages.

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Japan Trip 2016: 10D9N Autumn in Kyoto, Osaka, Nara & Arima


Category : Arashiyama, Arima, Japan, Nara, Osaka, Travel


Autumn, is for the Momiji or maple leave foliage, with multicolour of the leaves, overlapping one another, creating a beautiful scene. Also, it does known as a romantic season to me.

I really have a thing in autumn and hence, another round of autumn trip for me with the family. Just came back from Kyoto Osaka not long ago; physically here but my heart and soul are still left in Japan. How am I going to go over this lovesick?!!!

Meanwhile, check out the highlight of my trip here while I am working out with the detailed posts.

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Maison Francaise’s New Menu @ Jalan Kia Peng, KL


Category : Fine Dining, French, Kuala Lumpur

French food is all about pieces of art. I adore how fine they are, how beautifully they are plated, how the chef makes every element synchronise so well, and also how they give surprises on each dishes.


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Things to do in Osaka (Winter)


Category : Japan, Osaka, Travel


Osaka is the Japan’s second largest metropolitan area after Tokyo. Yep, another sleepless city. Come to the city, it is more about food, drink and shopping! Here is what we did during the short 2 days in Osaka!

Read on the full itinerary: Japan Trip 2016: 5D4N Winter in Kyoto & Osaka

Feel free to check out the things to do in KYOTO and ARASHIYAMA too.
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Things to do in Kyoto (Winter)


Category : Japan, Kyoto, Travel


Kyoto 京都 was Japan’s capital and the emperor’s residence from 794 until 1868. It is now the 7th largest city of Japan, filled with countless temples, shrines and other priceless historical structures all around the corner.

Check out what we did while we were in Kyoto for about 3 days before heading to Osaka, the sleepless city.

Read on the full itinerary: Japan Trip 2016: 5D4N Winter in Kyoto & Osaka
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Things to do in Arashiyama (Winter)


Category : Arashiyama, Japan, Kyoto, Travel


Arashiyama is located in the western outskirts of Kyoto. It is a touristy district and a popular area to be there during the cherry blossom and fall foliage season. During our visit in winter, we spent roughly half day here and took our time to explore a few attraction.

Read about the full itinerary: Japan Trip 2016: 5D4N Winter in Kyoto & Osaka

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Cerdito Restaurant @ Puchong


Category : Pork, Puchong, Western Food



Literally means little pig in Spanish; is an Iberico pork specialist that is located in Puchong Jaya, a busy hub that is filled with kopitiams and restaurants.
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Japan Trip 2016: 5D4N Winter in Kyoto & Osaka


Category : Arashiyama, Japan, Kyoto, Osaka, Travel


This was my very first trip with all the bff(s) flying out of the home country, happened back then during winter days early of the year. It was a short but fun trip with the bunch; eat and drink and beer and shopping! We managed to secure the flight ticket at its very low rate during AA promotion, and the hotel rate was pretty low too due to the non-peak winter season. *Double win*

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