SWITZERLAND: Restaurant Alpchalet @ Luzern

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For this Switzerland trip, we didn’t really do a lot of homework on the food. When it came to meal time, we spent a little bit of time, walking around town and checking out what’s for dinner. In the end, Restaurant Alpchalet marked our first true Swiss cuisine in Switzerland!

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Restaurant Alpchalet (3)

Restaurant Alpchalet

Located at Luzern’s old town, Restaurant Alpchalet is serving Swiss specialities such as rösti, cheese fondue in this dimly lit inside this wooden cottage feel place. Really warm and cosy!

Restaurant Alpchalet (1)

Restaurant Alpchalet (17)

Restaurant Alpchalet (4)

Restaurant Alpchalet (19)

Restaurant Alpchalet (2)

I like that the restaurants display their menu (with price stated!!!) on the outside of their premise. As we walked by each restaurant, we just peeked on the menu, checked if we would like to give a try.

Restaurant Alpchalet (16)

The place was fully booked. The friendly staff told us that we could have an hour to have our meal. As we really wished to taste on true Swiss flavours for our first meal so we happily picked it up.

This place does not allow sharing, so each person has to order one dish; or they will impose a small charges (by pax) if you wish to share for one order. So, remember to check with them if you are able to share one order of dish or they may prepare 2 same dish for the dish you wish to share (and you will have to pay for 2 same dishes).

Restaurant Alpchalet (5)

Service could be less attentive as it was peak dining hour and there was a shortage of manpower (we observed). The service staffs were still very nice with smiley face, very friendly and making sure we were okay. They didn’t rush us off. But as a gesture, we also tried to finish our meal soonest as “promised” earlier. We had a great time dining in here.

Restaurant Alpchalet (6)

Cute cutleries and plate

Restaurant Alpchalet (7)

Fresh ravioli filled with cep mushroom, herbs, truffle oil and parmesan (CHF 27.5)
This was so delicious! The pasta dough of the ravioli was so good, filled up with the cep mushroom. The whole dish was hinted with distinctive flavour of truffle oil, parmesan and herbs. Often, I will find ravioli dish jelak when having them back in KL but this was total opposite. This fresh ravioli was so good that I wanted for more! The truffle oil and herbs hints were so aromatic yummy.

Restaurant Alpchalet (13)

Veal sausage with onion sauce and homemade rösti (CHF 27.5)
Why do Swiss rösti and sausages can be so good?! Homemade rösti with veal sausage drenched in the onion sauce. The veal sausage was bouncy and not salty at all, paired perfectly with the sweet onion sauce.

Restaurant Alpchalet (8)

Restaurant Alpchalet (10)

Cheese fondue moitié- moitié (CHF 35.5)
Ahhh, that’s the cheese fondue, served with a basket of fluffy bread cubes! With the melted cheese covered up the bread cube, it was warm, cheesey, savoury and delicious. Quite a special one as it has a nice hint of white wine!

Restaurant Alpchalet (9)

Restaurant Alpchalet (15)

Restaurant Alpchalet
Metzgerrainle 9, 6004 Luzern, Switzerland

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