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Mount Tiltis

Mount Tiltis is the mountain of Urner Alps of Switzerland. It is very famous for its world’s first revolving cable car – the TILTIS Rotair, also the first revolving cable car in the world.

As I have underestimated the altitude and the weather of Mount Rigi earlier, so for our first excursion up to the snowy mountain, I tried to wear extra warmer and thicker. LOL

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From Luzern station, we took the Luzern-Engelberg Express to Engelberg, the journey took about 45 minutes. We got our ticket at the station’s counter, and quickly hopped onto the free shuttle that brought us to the Engelberg, Tiltisbahn.

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The return ticket from Engelberg to Tiltis cost CHF 96, 50% discount with Swiss Travel Pass (STP). I really find STP is really worth “investing” when travelling and taking train in Switzerland.

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Mount Tiltis opens daily from 8.30am to 5pm. Most of the mountains may have some maintenance work in action before winter arrives, do check out their website if they are open for visitors.

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We then started our true Tiltis journey by hopping onto the first cable car, taking us up to the next cable car.

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mount TITLIS (11)

Surreal views along the way but covered heavily by the mist. We prayed hard that the mist or thick fog goes off sooner.

mount TITLIS (13)

mount TITLIS (14)

mount TITLIS (15)

Hah, captured the cable car with our Malaysia flag on while moving up!

mount TITLIS (16)

Next, we hopped into the TITLIS Rotair cable , the first revolving cable car in the world. It rotates all its way up to the summit station at 3,020 metre above sea level. The whole journey on the TILTIS Rotair is about 5 minutes. It revolves in 360 degrees during the journey, giving you the whole panoramic view of mountains peaks.

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However, luck was not with us. It was fully covered with mist during our time on TILTIS Rotair. We could hardly get a good sight or even a good photo when we were on the cable car. Plus, it was quite a short 5 minutes’ journey up to Mount Tiltis Station.

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We went straight into the Glacier Cave that is located at Level 1 of the mountain station, walked through the 150-metre long cave’s walkway, enjoyed the sculptures and some photos in this the dimly lit turquoise-blue space.

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mount TITLIS (20)

mount TITLIS (21)

mount TITLIS (22)

mount TITLIS (23)

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mount TITLIS (25)

Next, up we went to the TILTIS Cliff Walk !

mount TITLIS (26)

Huge mist, blurry views.

mount TITLIS (27)

mount TITLIS (29)

TILTIS Cliff Walk, the suspension bridge that standing at the summit, 3,041 metres above sea level, with one metre wide and over 100 metres long.

mount TITLIS (3)

mount TITLIS (30)

mount TITLIS (53)

There is a photo camera at the middle of the suspension bridge. We wanted to purchase that photo as souvenir but we missed out photo shopping station. Hmmps. So, don’t miss out if you plan to purchase your precious souvenir!

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Early birds get really wow view of snow-covered land. We were overjoyed with the fully covered summit here. Thick fluffy snow, they were really fresh and fluffy, they were as yummy as the snow I got in Hokkaido.

mount TITLIS (32)

Weather was not great, the Ice Flyer was closed and it couldn’t bring us over to the Glacier Park. So we took our time here for a snow fight, did angel wings, snow rain and jumping around. LOL.

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If you could imagine how cold it was!

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You may sit back and relax in Panorama lounge at Level 4 after a snow walk. It was still very early and there wasn’t any crowd yet.

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You can also eat an ice cream at the Ice Cream Bar…

mount TITLIS (42)

Or shopping in the Titlis Chocolate Shop!

mount TITLIS (39)

mount TITLIS (41)

mount TITLIS (40)

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As for us, we took a break in Panorama Restaurant; a self-service restaurant at Level 2, offering a variety of dishes such soup, salad, pasta, pizza, snacks and sandwiches, and desserts. We stopped by to fuel up ourselves, had the Panorama Rauchgrillwrust and Ham Sandwich (CHF 7.5) before heading down to our next stop.

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mount TITLIS (45)

Had our first try on their Kaffee Luz (CHF 6.5) – local Swiss coffee which is an alcoholic coffee! And we had the Plum one. It was very tummy comforting!

mount TITLIS (44)

Panorama Rauchgrillwurst (CHF 19.5) came with their special smoked local pork sausage dressed with onion sauce and loaded with lots of pommes frites. Why their French fries can be so fresh and so addictively yummy???! Can anyone tell me please?!

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mount TITLIS (48)

mount TITLIS (50)

Heading down the mountain, the sky turned clearer, showing us more breathtaking scene.

mount TITLIS (2)

mount TITLIS (49)

How I wished I were one of them, munching the freshest greens and inhaling the freshest unpolluted air. I really love to stay here with this kind of countryside views.

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If you are a big fan of skiing or snowboarding, do come here during winter. They also offer activities like snowshoe trails, toboggan run, winter walking trails during winter with promising snowing condition from October to May. During summer, you can still perform activities like hiking, climbing, mountain biking and scootering. Come anytime of the year, for sure there are different activities for you to do at Titlis!

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