Chitose Japanese Restaurant @ Solaris Mon’t Kiara

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It has been a while since my last izakaya visit. Miss my izakaya tale?
Last month, I stumbled upon this Japanese restaurant which serves more like an izakaya, with crowds flocking in after working hours, drinking a glass or two along with some snack or main meal. Together with my usual partner-in-crime, we headed over to fill our stomachs with some yummy treats.


Chitose Japanese Restaurant

Founded and headed by experienced Chef Kenshido, Chitose Japanese Restaurant is specializing in authentic flavours of Japan’s wild northern prefecture of Hokkaido. One of the must have here in Chitose is the robata charcoal-grilled fare where quality ingredients are slow-grilled over the charcoal fire in a traditional way.


There are many interesting cocktails on the special cocktail menu, for example this Say Yes (Rm 22). I’d asked what are the ingredients inside as it was just stated “Sake + ?? + ??”; well, the staff didn’t want to reveal. I’d find it interesting where you can pop in the “pills” into your drink. Tastewise, it was refreshing sweet.




Fried Gobo (Rm 18)
Good for munch with the dipping miso. Thought they would be in slices but nope, they were in sticks.


Grilled Mackerel (Rm 18)


Cream Udon with Cod Roe (Rm 24) to share. Sweet creamy udon and the portion is good for sharing!


Izakaya’s must-have – Yakitori! Yes, you must not leave without some yakitori over here and their menu covers mostly grilled items. The portion per stick is pretty huge too, as compared to many others. We loved what we ordered! The meats were tender and succulent, especially the grilled pork belly. The chicken skin (kawa) was crispy and addictive! One of the better one I have tried. Meat ball was meaty and big too, love to have more sauce on it. The eringi was crunchy and juicy and laced with the oil of the pork slice. Perfect!


Kawa (Rm 5.8)


Meat Ball (Rm 9.8)


Pork Belly (Rm 7.8)


Very thick piece of pork belly


Eringi with Pork Slice (Rm 5.8)


Chitose Japanese Restaurant
Unit No.11, Tkt 1,
Solaris Mont Kiara, 50400 KL
Tel: 012-696 6512
opens from 6pm to 12am

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