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#faketaitai is now back in action.

We often come across afternoon tea that is in English style. Also, some places serve Malaysian style afternoon tea which incorporates the local delicacies in the tier set. Now, there is this interesting one which don’t just look photogenic, but also super yummy that I can assure everyone will finish from the first till last no matter how stuffed you are!

Let me, the fake tai tai brings you to…


Nobu Kuala Lumpur

Sky High Tea

Available every weekend
From 2.30pm to 5pm
Priced at Rm 93++ per pax
Comes with savouries and sweets with refillable green tea

It was an amazing afternoon tea experience; I never thought I have the chance to step into Nobu, at all. The price to pay for their meal or their omakase has set my foot back. When this Sky High Tea popped up on their page, I knew it… I must be there… like asap.

Need no more further elaboration, Nobu is one of the most recognized restaurants with over 30 of them placed around the globe; offers the contemporary Japanese cuisine with a fuse of South American flavours.


Being seated at this sky high tower completed with a view of skyscraper of the city, enjoyed the bits of savoury and sweet in a very fine but interesting way. Never know afternoon tea can be twisted in such a way, filled up with Japanese fusion delights which were very delicious and decorated in such a kawaii way which made us ohhhh-ed and ahhhh-ed over and over again. Not to mention, capturing the instagrammable moment too!


Cold green tea to beat the warm temperature.


Just take all my money laaaa, it’s so cute. How to eat ‘em?!?!?!?!

Savoury Plate
(photos below are for 2 pax)

1. Salmon Tartar in wasabi soy sauce
2. Dried apricot, the palate cleanser
3. White Fish Tiradito with zing of yuzu, lemon juice, rocoto, soy salt and coriander
4. Sushi Rice with Ikura
5. Shrimp Slider
6. Seafood Gyoza with Jalapeno dressing
7. Seaweed Rice Crackers
8. Finished off with the pickled fruits


1. Salmon Tartar in wasabi soy sauce
The nobu’s signature. With minced salmon, onion and garlic served in a spoonful huge of ware; lightly drenched with the wasabi soy sauce and beautifully topped with carviar. It was very appetizing to start and gave a light tingling sensation to the palate.

2. Dried apricot, the palate cleanser


3. White Fish Tiradito with zing of yuzu, lemon juice, rocoto, soy salt and coriander
A Japanese Peruvian fusion canape, with a myriad of lemon juice, the Peruvian chili, coriander and touches of yuzu that gave the citrusy aftertaste. It definitely works a booster for stomach in wanting for more!!!


4. Sushi Rice with Ikura
This is definitely the cutest dish ever!!! They are just too cute to be eaten omggg…. Very mini bowl of ikura don, with vinegar-ed sushi rice loaded with fresh ikura and touched with shredded nori and toasted white sesame. Note: do use the mini spoon to feed yourself the wholesome ikura rice.




5. Shrimp Slider
Another mini mini. With fresh and bouncy pan-seared shrimp, tempura-ed onion, mushrooms, and greens; sandwiched in between the dense yummy tofu buns. In order not to mess up the plate, do eat them like burger with your fingers.


6. Seafood Gyoza with Jalapeno dressing
Seeing gyoza in another form/size and being paired with such an adventurous dressing instead of the conventional one. Amazing!


7. Seaweed Rice Crackers
We savoured down the crunchy bits before heading to next.

8. Finished off with the pickled fruits


The eating order is highly recommended by the staff. However, my friend and I got too excited over the moon and misplaced some order.


Sweet Tray
1. Banana Harumaki
2. Mochi with Red Bean and Black Sesame
3. Green Tea Biscuits with Miso fillings
4. Profiterole with Custard fillings
5. Suntory Cappuccino


1. Banana Harumaki
Banana spring rolls with shiso leaves and Dulce de Leche and served with sourish refreshing passion fruit puree as dressing. The sweet and rich fried banana spring rolls with an interesting blend with shiso leaves, greased off with the passion fruit dressing, quite a good combo.


2. Mochi with Red Bean and Black Sesame
Super soft and fluffy mochi filled with red bean and another with black sesame. Not overly sweet and the fragrance of black sesame was super ohmppp.


3. Green Tea Biscuits with Miso fillings
Flaky, buttery and richly dosed with green tea, filled with miso cream. Nice.


4. Profiterole with Custard fillings
Much like kaya ball to me and this was the only thing I didn’t finish up because I was way too full.


5. Suntory Cappuccino
Mini cup filled with Coffee Crème Brulee and dreamily topped with Suntory Whisky Foam. Every scoop of it was layered and intense with coffee and cream and the foamy white Suntory whisky foam. Ahhh, fine bubbles, who doesn’t love?!


Another reason to be here…

It’s my colleague’s birthday!!! So we were here to celebrate and be a #faketaitai for a day.



So sweet of Nobu and its team. We were presented with the beautiful complementary birthday dessert plate. Awwwww… *touched with tears* I actually informed them earlier for this birthday celebration. They surprised my colleague with this elegant dessert plate and it tasted so so so so good! Thank you NobuKL. Will be back for sure!



Nobu Kuala Lumpur
Menara 3 Petronas
Level 56 KLCC
50088 Kuala Lumpur
Phone: +60 3 2164 5084
Fax: + 60 2164 5085

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2 thoughts on “Sky High Tea @ Nobu Kuala Lumpur”

  • Hi Ivy, good to see you here again in the cyberworld, i met you in one of the butterflyproject event , you might not remember me , haha , but anyway, i came across when i search for Nobu High Tea, i would like to check wit you , for the savory set , can we choose the foods ? or it is a predefined set menu from Nobu? worth the money? Thanks for reply!

    • HI Patricia, it’s good to see you here! 🙂
      Nobu High Tea set has 2 types, the above is usual set, and they have another premium set (but i find the premium set not worth the money). Do give a try on the usual set. Their savoury menu is already set unless you don’t take beef, you can acknowledge them and they will change something else for you. 🙂
      i would say it worth trying, because it is something different from those english or french afternoon tea.

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