KUMAMOTO: Higonojin’ya

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For full itinerary, check out my Japan Trip 2014: 9D8N Hiroshima & Kyushu Area.

As my sakura fever has already and totally subsided, I think it is time to continue with a bit write up of my japan trip which happened last year. Sorry for late. As always, I am slow. >.<


After Hiroshima, it was the time for us to move on. We have pre-reserved our seats on Shinkansen and this round, we were heading down south. The journey took us about 1 hour 45 mins to Kumamoto-shi, the capital city of Kumamoto Perfecture in Kyushu and it is very well represented by this cute mascot character – Kumamon. Kumamon is japan’s most popular bear, with plump black body and red cute cheeks. You will get to see Kumamon everywhere in this area.




It was time for dinner after we unloaded our luggage in the hotel. We happily travelled to Shimotori Shopping Arcade and randomly picked one izakaya for dinner. Higonojin’ya 郷土・海鮮 肥後の陣屋 was our choice.


The restaurant is pretty huge and cozy. Housed private rooms that floored with tatami mats on the second floor; serves complete course that include dishes from exotic sashimi made with fresh fish delivered from Amakusa as well as mouth-watering meat and rice dishes. Please forgive me as I do not remember the name for every dish but what I remember the most was the Reizan Sake, Japanese sake from Aso, Kumamoto. It was really amai or sweet and fragrant. I highly recommend you guys to try this out if you guys are travelling to Aso. It is not easy to find it anywhere in the country as I do believe that the production is small and they only distribute this sake to the restaurant or bar in Kumamoto or Kyushu area. This is because I couldn’t find it elsewhere after this first izakaya. Or if you do, please let me know.


Reizan Sake


Smaller size of Reizan Sake, 180ml as we found it too good not to order more!!!









To be continued… with real journey on the next day.

Higonojin’ya 郷土・海鮮 肥後の陣屋
1 Chome-5-20 Shimotori,
Chuo Ward, Kumamoto,
Kumamoto Prefecture,
860-0807, Japan
Tel: +81 96-211-1414
Business hours:
Monday to Saturday: 5pm till midnight
Closed on Sunday

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