NAGOYA: Atsuta Houraiken あつた蓬莱軒 @ Matsuzakayaten

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There are many types of must-eat in Nagoya. Allow me to start the first Nagoya food journey with this delicious must-eat if you are travelling to Nagoya.

Atsuta Houraiken あつた蓬莱軒


Atsuta Houraiken Honten has been around since year 1873 in Atsuta area. To date, it is around for at least 140 years. The restaurant’s exterior of the honten (main store) in Atsuta is filled with classic Japanese atmosphere that you will easily fall in love with this place.

This restaurant has been in my must-eat list and it was highly recommended by both of my favourite chefs, Ori-san and Coco-san. When I was in Nagoya, I almost didn’t make it as I have forgotten they have rest time. I didn’t manage to make my way to the honten in Atsuta but glad to see that there is another outlet in the happening area Sakae. We made our way over and just in time for the last order. Phew…


We were leaded to the tatami room which was where we were seated.



Unagi Kimoyaki (¥ 750)
Charcoal broiled Liver with specially made soy sauce. Velvety, fragrant liver. First time trying out eel’s liver and it surprised me.


Umaki (¥ 450)
Japanese style omelette with grilled eel. The eel has been grilled and wrapped in with egg that is cooked with dashi.


Here is the must have Hitsumabushi (¥ 3600), came with grilled eel with rice and completed with soup, tsukemono and condiments for the unagi rice.


There are steps to enjoy this Nagoya’s famous grilled eel with rice, follow the steps accordingly to max the enjoyment. Firstly, separate the bowl of rice into 4. Enjoy the first quarter bowl of delicious grilled eel with rice at its original flavour.


The eel was grilled to perfection, with lightly charred aromatic flavour that I love. So did their special sauce that gave the mega flavour to the eel.


Next, try another quarter by adding the condiments such as grated wasabi, nori (seaweed) and negi (chopped spring onions). As these condiments added in, the flavour changed.


Third, fill the bowl with the other quarter and garnished in the condiment. On this third quarter, pour in the bouillon or thin soup or dashi provided, to make it like an Ochazuke soup with rice. Finally, enjoy the remaining portion of rice in any method as above you love most!


Unagi Shirayaki teishoku (¥ 2900)
Literally known as white-grilled eel, without the special sauce. The set came with rice, soup and tsukemono (pickles). You will be able to taste the fresh flavour of the eel without being masked by the sauce.



Remember not to leave Nagoya without a try on this Nagoya’s specialty Hitsumabushi! It will give you a memorable experience and taste on your tastebuds. We regretted for not having it on the first day and repeat another round before we leave. The Hitsumabushi is too good!

Getting here:
About 4 minute walk from Yabachō Station

あつた 蓬莱軒 松坂屋店
Atsuta Houraiken, Matsuzakayaten
10F South Wing, Matsuzakaya Nagoya Store
3-30-8 Sakae, Naka-lu, Nagoya-shi, Aichi 460-0008
Tel: 052-264 3825
Opening hours: Daily; 11.30am – 2pm & 4.30pm – 8pm

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