Siaw Kah Restaurant 萧家辣汤 @ Sg. Chua, Kajang

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Like what I have said earlier, Kajang is not just about the satay, there are a lot other good food around such as HK style chee cheong fun and the best char siew fan (barbecued pork rice) which can be found in Kajang wet market; and also this great piping hot pot of gem – the Hot Soup, 辣汤 or the lat tong.


Mr. Siaw Kek Kwee, the founder of Siaw Kah Restaurant is generous to share his secret family recipes with all of us. Therefore, we get to enjoy their lip smacking hot soup at a very affordable price.


The signature – Siaw Kah Spicy Hot Soup 萧家辣汤 (RM 20; RM 10 per portion)
A very nutrient-enriched soup; it is believed to replenish the vital energy, improve blood circulation as well as keeping the body warm. Made with lots of ingredients such as Ginger slices, pepper, preserved vegetables, kampong chicken, pork belly, pork liver, pork kidney, and Chinese celery and spices of course.


Flavourful clear peppery hot soup that was soothing (yes, not spicy) and tummy warming; something me and my family loved. If you don’t fancy the offal, you could always ask to change for pork belly and/ or kampong chicken! As for us, we had everything mix in!


Spicy Pork Belly with Dried Shrimp 火爆肉 (RM 11 per portion)
Seductive pork belly that is hot, spicy and addictive; extra rice please!


Claypot “Hua Tiao” Chicken 花雕鸡 (RM 10 per portion)
Overdose with Chinese wine, it turned out to be extra fragrant.


Spring Roll 春卷 (RM 10)
Made with minced pork, radish slices, carrot slices, a bit of squid and spices; deep fried into golden brown. The outer skin was extra fragrance; the bit of squid gave an extra kick to the spring roll.


Vegetable (RM 7 for small portion)

Do take note that their spicy hot soup is always selling fast; drop by earlier to avoid disappointment especially during weekends! That’s what they told me.

Restaurant Siaw Kah
No. 274, Jalan Berjaya 9,
Taman Berjaya,
Sungai Chua,
43000 Kajang.
Tel: 03-8734 1087
Business hours:
Mon- Fri: 10am – 10pm
Sat – Sun: 9am – 10pm
Closed every two weeks, Tuesday

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