Old Man Restaurant 老吔海鲜饭店 @ Bandar Baru Bangi / Kajang

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I am really happy to have these 2 Kajang “worms” as my food buddies – Chris&Christine. I know nothing about Kajang besides Kajang satay, satay and just satay. Glad to have them around, this time they brought me to this Old Man’s Place… 

Oooops, not owned by a really old man, but well… that’s the name for the restaurant. 


Old Man Restaurant serves Chinese fares. and their specialty was featured in local programme Ho Chak! before


Menu on the wall.


Superior Fried Rice with Tobikko 食神炒饭
This is their specialty and was featured in Ho Chak! before. Really unique type of seafood fried rice with lots of seafood chunks in it and garnished with ebikko. Additianal of ebikko gives the crunchiness to the fried rice. A word ‘Fresh’, i would describe it. 


Fried Oyster Mushrooms
Another specialty of Old Man Restaurant. The oyster mushrooms were coated with batter and deep fried into golden brown. Additional of Chili padi and curry leaves flavoured the fried oyster mushrooms. Yum, best to go with a glass of beer too!


“Gui Lin” Bean Curd 桂林豆腐
with smooth and silky homemade tofu


Stir Fried Long Beans & Brinjal 干煎豆角茄子
with brinjal, long beans and petai


Mongolian Meat Chop 蒙古肉扒
Nearly boneless meat was drenched with special sauce!
Slightly on the saltier side but it would go best with white rice. 


Noodles with minced meat 肉碎生面

We had fried rice and noodles for dinner. That was why the other dishes seems to be a lil’ salty. They are best to go with white rice 

Oh between, do check out their specialty (featured in Sin Chew too)- Soup in Clay Pot 煨汤 – such as coconut & chicken soup, shark bone soup, papaya, snow fungus & bean soup, fresh ginseng soup…. and many more! They serve two varieties of soup per day, you can call for enquiry.

We were stuffed with all above and unable to try out their soup. Will return again!

Old Man Restaurant 老吔海鲜饭店
No. 5 & 7, Jalan Kajang Impian 1/11,
Taman Kajang Impian, Seksyen 7.
43650 Bandar Baru Bangi, Selangor
(exit Sg. Ramal (B) Toll, Kajang)
Tel: 012-3450575/ 012-2380575/ 012-2925738
Business hours: 12pm – 3pm; 5.30pm – 11pm

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10 thoughts on “Old Man Restaurant 老吔海鲜饭店 @ Bandar Baru Bangi / Kajang”

  • 好奇炒饭的味道会是怎样的, 但能想象的是, 如你所说, 鲜! 还有蒙古猪扒!! 哇, Beh tahan, 饿饿饿~~

  • I think it will be a bomb if they substitute the ebiko with mentaiko on the seafood fried rice.

  • Ooooh, Chris & Christine are in Kajang too??? Add me, Christy there too…LOL, all the Chris-es seem to be in Kajang!:)
    I am new there, and I don't know much about the place yet, and I've only tried a few places.
    This restaurant looks quite interesting to me too; how about their prices?
    I've recently tried another place which was also visited by Ho Chiak, will post later;)

    Thanks for dropping by again Ivy, hehehe…long time no see, LOL!:p

  • ah tee,

    simon seow,
    lolx, and the price goes up!
    maybe you can bring your own mentaiko and ask them to substitute it with ebikko.

    wow, you are in kajang too! just recently??? price reasonably here.
    have a try 🙂 hehe…
    okay, waiting for your post

  • Menu on the wall would be looking too good in it. It's really great to see list on the wall. Thank you so much for given up your fresh post on here 🙂

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