Upper Deck, Tanzini @ GTower Hotel, KL

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Fancy a candle light dinner with your loved ones?


Here you go, a new fine dining place 

Upper Deck is located right above Tanzini; overlooking the magnificent view of KL; featuring the unique seasonal menu that changes every 2 weeks resulted from the creative energies between executive chef, Johnny Fua and Upper Deck sous chef, Alven Tan.

Thanks to an invitation from Goldis Berhad and Gladys, together with a few other bloggers, we were invited to fine dine in Upper Deck and we had a chance to indulge the luxurious six course dinner on that evening. 





Amuse Bouche
We kicked start with the crab cake topped with chip and served with a refreshing piece of cucumber; and prettily decorated with sauce / syrup. The minced crab was light but explosive with flavours. 


Appetizer: Baby Lobster Tail Salad
Assorted Heirloom Tomatoes, Garden greens, Basil Ravioli, Aged Balsamico


Or: Duo of Hakkaido Scallop
Caramelized scallop, edamame puree & Carpaccio scallop, crab roe emulsion
Fresh scallop was grilled and served on a bed of edamame puree. 


Carpaccio scallop with crab roe emulsion was creamy and melted away when I had it between my hard palate and tongue. I love this. 


Soup: Momotaro Tomato Gazpacho
Chilled momotaro tomato succo, tiger prawn salsa timbale & apple mint oil
It’s all about the art here! The soup came lovely in pinkish orangey colour. Hah, warm colour can actually boost one’s appetite. Momotaro tomato flavoured the soup well. I like the light tangy sourish taste of soup that ended up a refreshing note in my tummy. 


Or: Smoked Duck Tea
Smoked Duck Consomme and Ox Tongue Ragu Ravioli, black trumpet mushroom 


She loves this!


Starter: Butternut Squash Cappellacci
Sea urchin and Avruga caviar
Uni, Uni, Uni (sea urchin in Japanese)!!!
Another flavourful dish of the night. With cappellacci stuffed with creamy butternut squashed; topped with air-flown fresh sea urchin and garnished with avrugi caviar.


Or: Pacific Rainbow Trout
Dole Sweet Corn Risotto, Black Truffle, Styria Pumpkin Seed Oil
Crispy skin and succulent sweet flesh, combined with black truffles and sweet corn risotto; special and perfect combination. 


sorbet of the day to cleanse our palate 


Fillet of Yellowtail King Fish
Over-roasted Lemon Grass infused Hamachi Fish, Braised Kohlrabi and Fennel Broth


1824 Beef Tenderloin & Cheek
Slow-roasted Beef tenderloin and Cheek, Swede Puree, Summer Root Vegetables, Zinfandel Reduction. 
As I am not a beef-taker, feel free to read further description from kampungboycitygal


Lamb Rack in Granola Bar Crust
Caramelized Onion Tarte Tatin, Baby Vegetables Niçoise,Spiced Peach Chutney
The lamb rack appeared to be pinkish in the center and some even thought that it was undercooked. But I love my lamb rack this way; the lamb was juicier, tenderer and not overly done. 

Upon explanation from Chef Johnny, he told us that he used sous-vide (French for “under vacuum”) technique to prepare the lamb rack. So, the lamb rack was sealed in the airtight plastic bag and water bath for some times at a predetermined temperature. And the purpose is to cook the lamb rack evenly. not overly cook it and “lock” the juice inside the lamb rack


Look, I can have a garden on my plate! The “soil” and “plants” were all edible. How cute!


The sweet ending of the night was profiteroles that filled with ice cream and drizzled with chocolate sauce. The banana and coconut ice cream was quite a surprising combination. I did not know they both compatible well. However, the ice cream was too icy cold and the pastry was too frozenly hard to my liking. Overally, I still enjoyed the creative combination of ice cream with touches of chocolate sauce. 


A cup of coffee to go with the sweet ending. 

Dear gentlemen, here is another option for you to impress your date or loved one during the special occasion. The great thing is, it won’t hurt your wallet badly. 

As the dinner may take up to 3 hours or more (for 6 course dinner like us), I would suggest you to come here earlier (probably 6.30 – 7pm); take your own sweet time for photo-taking; have you seats here and watch the dusk to fall and the light-up city centre; and then enjoy the meal slowly. 

Upper Deck @ Tanzini
Level 29, G Tower, 
Jalan Tun Razak, KL
Tel: 03-2168 1899

Opens only for dinner, except on Sundays
No a la carte selections. 
RM 155++ for four courses, RM 185++ for five courses and RM 215++ for six courses. 
Menu varies every 2 weeks. 

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