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We often come across French bakery, Japanese pastry bakery or Japanese-inspired bakery or so on. How about something from Korean this time???


We (with kampungboycitygal and Chris&Christine) had a fiery dinner earlier, we needed something cool and icy to chill our tongues; therefore we drove around and spotted this bakery.


Nabe Bakery Cafe is a bakery that popped up in this area just about a month ago. There is a small little section for you to sit and sip on their drinks and munch their baked goods. Small but lovely. 


This hearty cafe is run by a lovely Korean husband and wife couple; they have put in a lot of hearts in their baked goods as well as serving the best from their cafe. 


cute cookies


Iced Mocha (RM 9.50). Citygal said this was better than the one from Starbucks, which we all agreed. 


Tomato&Orange Fresh Fruit Juice (RM 8.00)


At first I though Red Bean Icewater was just like the ang tao bing from kopitiam. But but but… I was wrong. The Korean type of ang tao bing or 红豆冰 is quite similar to our ice kacang. With shredded ice and topped with lots of red beans, fresh fruits (mango, watermelon, honeydew), and drenched with syrup and milk. Oh yaaaa, there is another interesting ingredient – soft and QQ rice cake!!! That is another think I love in this Red Bean Icewater (RM 9.50). The rice cake was soft chewy and sweeten; and different from the rice cake in Ddeokbokki. 


Cheesecake (RM 6.90) was smooth, looking dense but light; lighter than the Japanese cheesecake I made. There was a very thin layer of sponge at the bottom and the rounded corner (I wonder how they made it). As you put it on your tongue, you may find the outer layer was at the right temperature but the inner layer was chilling.

Yes, we met out mission – something cool and icy to chill our tongue. By the way, the walnut pie and some bread are looking attractive; but we were too full to try them on.

photo (3)

And our night went off with self-prepared card games…………… 

Nabe Bakery Cafe
No. 16-11, Ground Floor,
Jalan Ampang Putra,
68000 Ampang.

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