SINGAPORE: i ♥ taimei @ Bugis Village

  • Sumo

To be honest, I really love Taimei(s)

You may ask,

Who is she/ who are they?!

They are… 

Selina, Ella, Hebe, Jolin Tsai, Xiao S, Da S…………….


See, taimei!!!
I like the idea where they name the food on the menu after Taiwanese celebrities!

Quirky menu, isn’t it?!



 I  taimei is run by young Taiwanese sisters who are passionate foodies. These ladies found that there isn’t much Taiwanese food / snack around Singapore. That was why they started up I  taimei 2 years ago. 


The combo comes with the main course, a side dish and a drink. The set is priced at sgd 7.40 onwards


And since Selina is the number 1 bestseller, we had it.
Selina is actually the BBQ crispy chicken 碳烤鸡排. The deep fried chicken (Ji Pai) drizzled with spicy-sweet BBQ sauce came piping hot. We had to leave it for a while to cool it down before digging in. 


As for side dish, We chose Sweet potato 甘梅地瓜
Yummy, this is something I like. Thick cuts of sweet potato, deep fried, and coated with lots of plum powder. 


Caramel Milk Tea with Grass Jelly 焦糖奶茶. The milk tea from  I  taimei has nothing to shout out about. You can get the better one at Koi / Gong Cha. Well, it was still a decent cup of milky tea with chewy stuff in it. 


We ordered something extra – Tofu Fries 豆腐薯条 (Sgd 2.50) flavored with seaweed. The other flavours you can pick are cheese, BBQ, goric seafood, spicy mexico, wasabi and curry. Hmmm, sgd 2.50 for this little pack was kinda pricey.


Singaporeans really love Taiwanese snack a lot. From the bubble tea craze to these Taiwanese street food, the queue can be very long any day, any time. 


我愛台妹 台妹愛我 對我來說 林志玲算什麼
我愛台妹 台妹愛我 對我來說 侯佩岑算什

wo ai tai mei tai mei ai wo, dui wo lai shuo lin zhi ling suan shen me
wo ai tai mei tai mei ai wo, dui wo lai shuo hou pei chen suan shen me

 taimei reminds me a Chinese song by MC HotDog & 張震嶽 too

52 Queen Street 
#ABFL – 21 Singapore
Tel: +65 6336 5987
Opening hours: Mon – Sun: 12pm – 10pm
(Located at the back of Bugis Village, near Illuma)

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15 thoughts on “SINGAPORE: i ♥ taimei @ Bugis Village”

  • I'm going to Singapore this weekend and hopefully I got the chance to try their Tofu Fries~

  • shell,
    hehehe, try out, i was overjoyed with their snack!

    yeahhhh, both of the sides are great!!! i also hope they will be here in KL.

    somewhere in singapore,
    sooo sorry, i had a short stay in sg only. time was not enough when i was there 🙁

  • Wow!! The food is looking good!! I shall try the Ella fried chix if Im going there. LOL. My fav out of SHE. 🙂

  • What a lovely idea using those Taiwan celebrities in naming the menu. All of them looks so yummy. I also love Taiwan snacks! Though its abit unhealthy la..all also fried fried stuff…(once awhile eat still ok I think..hehehe..)

  • baby sumo,
    yea, and i find it's really cute. haha

    haha, i wan jolin tsai and ah mei next time 😛

    nikel khor,
    it's also available in ion orchard if i am not mistaken.
    try it out.

    agree!!! it is really unhealthy. but then… once a while is still acceptable, right??? haha

    lolx, same here

  • Interesting! Didn't know such eatery exist in Singapore. The tofu fries and the sweet potatoes look good! Aiks, too bad it's not in Malaysia. =(

  • eat only lar!,
    love the side dishes a lot! i am sure you will love the tofu fries and sweet potatoes.
    i tried the sweet potatoes from shih lin. more like french fries to me cz they are in skinnier version. not thick cuts. hehe, shall we travel to the south?

    somewhere in singapore,
    okie okie 🙂

    errr, hidden places? lol.
    got one new opening in ion orchard. if i am not mistaken lorrr

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