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The bubble tea craze / bubble tea fever has arrived in this city!!! The citizens are greatly attacked by the flavourful bubble tea along with different types of chewable in the drinks.

We have Chatime, and then followed by Gong Cha. Here comes another new brand – ComeBuy from Taiwan


I am delighted as the bubble tea seems to get nearer to my place (cheras). ComeBuy has opened it door in the newly renovated mall – Viva Home. So, whenever I am craving for bubble tea, I don’t have to travel far 😛


Lots to choose from the menu


3 Q Passion Blast 百香摇果乐 (RM 5.90) – one of the bestsellers
The passion fruit-flavoured drink with 3 types of cheweble bits (bubbles/pearls, pineapple jelly and lychee jelly) was really refreshing. This wow-ed my brother’s heart.


I like the other bestseller – Grass Jelly Milk Tea 仙草冻奶茶 (RM 5.90). The grass jelly was extra silky smooth. and the nai cha 奶茶 was milky too! That’s really a perfect combination


Lychee Juice with Jelly 荔枝玉露 (Rm 5.90)
If i am not mistaken, there is a promotion on this drink at only RM 4.90 until 20July2011


Comebuy has yogurt drink?! I was curious, therefore I ordered Grapefruit Yogurt Drink 葡萄柚多多 (RM 5.90). Hmmm, tasted like Yakult yogurt drink eh. Hehe, need this help to boost my intestine. 


When those flavoured drink is not something you fancy, their Coffee 特调咖啡 (RM 4.90) is another good thing to try out. Very milky and aromatic chilled coffee, I would say. Mum loves it. Of course, if you wish to add in bubbles, feel free to do so. Mum never has got good gums for the bubbles. 


Glassy Jelly Green Tea 粉条绿茶 (Rm 4.90) and Black Tea 红茶
I find that Comebuy is the only bubble tea place offers the off white glassy jelly; this is another chewable bit for you if you are bored with bubbles / pearls.


Verdict: I am a fussy person when it comes to bubble tea drink. I will always go for less sugar. However, I don’t have to request for it when I am here, their drinks are already made in low sugar even at its 100% sweetness level. The bubbles have the QQ texture and it chewable rank is between Gong Cha and Koi’s pearls. Some people may like the chewy and QQ texture; but i myself still love the soft soft texture from Koi 

Next up, I am going to try the Hokkaido Chocolate 北海道巧克力 and Hokkaido Milk Tea 北海道奶茶. They look so yummy with the names themselves.


Around the world ~

Lot No. G-39 & G-48, 
Ground Floor, Viva Home
(Opposite Giant Hypermarket)
Tel: +6 010-585 8000
Facebook page

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17 thoughts on “Bubble Tea Craze @ ComeBuy, Viva Home”

  • ulric,
    tried. the first ever that brings the bubble tea craze to kl.
    the milk tea, plum juice, honey lemon aloe vera are great.
    but not the green tea red bean which is way tooooooo sweet to me.
    their sweetness level is kinda higher as compared to comebuy

  • Wow, another new place for bubble tea? Please bring me there when I'm back! The Q Passion Blast looks so good, really want to try this out! Can't wait! =)

  • eat only lar!
    lots of places for you to try out. a long list is waiting for you. haha
    i believe u will like the bubble tea here. hehe
    come back lar

  • Err, with the recent news about clouding agent in Taiwan drink products… i'm a bit skeptical to try any bubble tea..

  • Yeah…their red bean is way too sweet for me also…tats why I go for d Japanese Match Tea Latte and TieGuanYin Tea Latte instead…less sugar slight ice 🙂

    Btw, Chatime is opening at VivaHome soon 😀

  • Jason,
    Hmmm, true. I set back a bit when the news started. But then as long as there is lab test certified n our gov passed them, that will be ok to me. What we had nowadays full with agents, can't help

  • Ulric,
    Oo got tieguanyin tea? I will give a try 🙂
    Their drinks are very sweet, always. Expericed it, even with less sugar, still sweet

    And It is going to viva home too?! Haha
    Seems like they are everywhere now

  • wow..another brand coming in.. i guess its so mushrooming now . .

    great..will ry it this sunday . .:D

  • ulric,
    alright, i will try your recommendation 🙂 thanks ya. hehe

    somewhere in singapore,
    hehe, yeahhh, it's everywhere now

    try it out. ehehe, this is another new one from taiwan. there are lots variety on their menu list

  • 1998 I went to HK, then there was one very hit bubble tea outlet. I went again at 2006, seems the outlet no more or not popular anymore. Last year, I drank Chatime in HK.

  • Sorry. Not last year but on March this year I drank Chatime :p I also went to HK on 2009 but didn't do bubble tea lol

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