Tea Party with delicious bites ♥

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be quiet, we are now stepping into Citygal’s wonderland… …


It has been a long time since out last high tea together atCafe Stelle by Raffles. We always longed for another session of high tea, but high-tea-ing at those places is always costly and burns our pocket. So, why not make our own high tea session at home?

Chapter 1 # Getting ready


Get ready with the props, a three-tier-glassware is an essential item to be at the tea party.

Chapter 2 # the prepared food

Korean Kimbab made by Sugar


Canape Combo by Chris & Christine


Hokkaido Chiffon by Me


Yut Kee’s Roti Babi


and Hailam Mee. both by kampungboycitygal

Chapter 3 # the beverages



Another essential item during the tea party – English tea and also chilling drinks such as Ribena Longan.

Chapter 4 # Photos together!

tea party

tea party1

Tea party, we love
We love tea party!


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