The Truth: We are no longer 16


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Used to be 16 during the Back to School; the laid back one during the Tea Party. And now, it’s time for another one (after such a long time, aihhh).


Cash flow party!

A brain-cell consuming game which allow us to learn and apply it in our real life. But of course, we gotta fill our tummies before that.


1, Chris’s signature – spicy sweet chicken wings!


2, Chris’s signature again – noodles with lots of “liew(s)” (ingredients)
OMG! Chris can cook so well! For recipe, kindly ask from them


3, kbcg’s signature – Jamie Oliver’s Roast Chicken with Lemon



With squeeze of lemons and mashed garlic. OMG!!! It was so yummy. Very well-flavoured and the potatoes have soaked up the essence from the chicken; will try making it at home with their recipe.


4, Wine for the mains


5,Eatonlylar’s healthy jellies


6, Cherry Cheesecake :]



7, The coffee for the desserts. Bliss ♥


8, Ended with some “fighting” and brain-cells-destructive-session.

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Comments (5)

Great party! Let’s do this again, can save money from dining out too haha

yes, let’s do it again!!! can’t wait to have another round with you guys! plan plan plan!

Oh my god, I looked at the old posts as well, we really had a lot of good times together! Miss you all so much! Cheers to our friendship!

cheers to our friendship! ^^
we should do this more often. hang out and eat out! plan plan plan!

Love the partieee!
Can save and exercise our brain as well haha. Delicious home cooked. Feels so warm. Happy friendship yo us all!
When’s next?

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