Bye Bye 22, Hello 23…

  • Sumo

I never know…
They brought me surprises and put me into serious insomnia
On this Birthday.

This year’s birthday is the greatest ever.
For the past 5 years, I did not have whole cake to blow off.
But this year, I have 2 big whole cakes and 6 little small ones.

Candle blowing is special for me.
However, it can be happy can be sad.

As it is a real wonderful celebration.
As your friends remember you
And send up their greatest and best wishes.

As I have to say
BYE 22, HELLO 23.

This year
I wish to…
Graduate fast and graduate soon!!!
I wish…
Everyone stay happy and stay cheerful!
I wish…
Everyone stay healthy and wealthy!

2009 Birthday Part 1 with Khee and Yen

2009 Birthday Part 2 with WenChing and TingFang

2009 Birthday Part 3 the Surians – RuChi, YeeMeng, Eu Wye, Eldred, WengJian, WengHo, KenSon

Thanks to all of you, my friends!!! Thanks for all the lovely gifts and wishes and surprises!
Thank you very muchie.

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