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I have been craving for chocolate whole day yesterday. It came in a sudden. So, I went looking all over for chocolate in house. Oh-oh. My giant chocolate jar with assorted chocolate was empty.

I remembered there is a packet of Hershey’s Dark Chocolate Cube I bought from Langkawi. But I couldn’t find it anywhere in the house. Mum has hid it away from me.

My craving for chocolate couldn’t stop and so, I ended up with Tiger’s chocolate cream sandwich cookies.

I couldn’t believe that until dad’s back. He brought these … … and you won’t believe how crazy he is.

Mountains of chocolate… erm… should be ladders of chocolate. Haha

There are Kit Kat and Cadbury chocolate bars in my house now but no dark chocolate. Well, these may satisfy my craving for some times if I am really out of dark chocolate.

I need to stock up dark chocolate when I do shopping. To prevent tracking down by mum, I think I need to hide them under my bed or in my closet =) Ha-ha, Just kidding!

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22 thoughts on “Choc-Choc-Choc”

  • Joe,
    ya lar… that’s your fault ler… the choc post on ur blog is great and that worsen my situation.
    i Can’t Live Without CHOC!

    Big Boys Oven,
    definately! i love choc and won’t resist more. hehe

    a Lot meh?! i have finished a packet of Kit Kat. hehe. my dad and mum would hide them away from me. and dad would love to give them away.

  • nic (klkl),
    lol… can bake something with them but i prefer choc from ingredients shop for baking.

    wenching & esiong,
    wan some? come my house for it. hehehe

    lol, no ler… dunno where my dad got them.

    true, that’s true! super big fan on choc here!

    there’s the marble version?! i didn’t know bout that. will check out at the mall. thanks ya.

    dun worry bout calories, eat them then only think about losing weight. kekeke. cz i am the one thinking like that.

    erm… yeh… for one craving. crazy hor? i must have a least one cube (bite size) everyday. *dun copy ya, it’s a bad habit i am having*

  • u wan me to leave comment??? huh… i wont leave u comment even i alredi left 1… wu liao… kitkat also take picture….. but if got extra,, giv some la…

  • teckiee,
    hehehe, i will cut my fats for you after i finish them?! is that okay? haha

    well, i dunno who you are but i definately won’t pass you my KitKats. i can pass you the Cadbury come get from me if you want. by the way, i have finished 2 packets of KitKats and half bar of Cadbury. :p

    want?! act fast! XD

  • haha..IVY!!..still remember me?? i never knew u had a blog..a blog which reviews food summore..wahseh..n ur blog portrays a girl which is totally different from who i know..well..dun really know u well enaf tho..hehekz..u take care alrite..

  • slowcatchupkuan,
    dun bother about the calories first. eat d then only work-out! i am doing the same. aiks… but still feeling guilty after having cubes of choc in my mouth.

    i guess every mother is the same. my dad kena nag til today!!!

    Belinda Ngo,
    hi, Bel. thanks for dropping me a comment here. of cz i remember you!
    Lol, i think i am too too too quiet while in the class or anytime so u guys dunno me well, come visit my blog more often and u will get to know me more!
    take care too! k?!

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