Caramelized Almond Crisp?!

  • Sumo

I guess that’s the name for this? Mum and I were searching for almond crisp recipe for quite a long time. We love almond crisp a lot and we could only have it during Chinese New Year. Weird… almond crisp only on sale during CNY and the price is always a boom. My aunt who fancies this keeps bugging us to find out the recipe and make some for her.

So one day while mum and I were shopping in the cake ingredient shop, we saw the packets of icy white silky powder on the rack. BIENETTA (it stated in German). 200 g of bienetta + 300g of almond slice, line thin and bake. Looks simple. Hmmm, maybe that’s the almond crisp we were looking for?!

The end products~

Well, it was more like the Caramelized almond crisp than the almond crisps its own. Slightly sweet and crunchy, I like it. However, the bienetta (powder) is quite costly. Gonna take more efforts to find out the real recipe for almond crisp! ~

By the way, anyone knows what’s Bienetta?

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16 thoughts on “Caramelized Almond Crisp?!”

  • wow, u’re baking again!! keke! when are u going to treat me those ar? haha! just kidding! anyway, keep up the good work, next time bake for ur hubby ya!! keke!!

  • wow, u’re baking again!! keke! when are u going to treat me those ar? haha! just kidding! anyway, keep up the good work, next time bake for ur hubby ya!! keke!!

  • kampungboycitygal,
    they were sweet and crunchy. ya also, maybe i should ask those expert for tips. hehehe.

    nice to hang out with u guys before khee going to india again. hehe!~ how is my ‘products’ today???

    it’s very simple. maybe you can have a try?!

    new kid on the blog,
    good idea e! can earn a little during CNY. hmmm, maybe u can try out also?! =)

    wenching & esiong,
    hehehe, wait til i found the real recipe for the almond crisp. if success, will bake some for you. happy?! haha. you are the one who should learn to cook n bake for hubby. mine far far far far away in da future~

    christine too! i want your ‘wo tip’!!! :p

  • anonymous,
    hi, thanks for dropping by!
    i got this from the cake ingredient shop in Tmn Segar, Cheras.

    do let me know if you need extra information to the place ^^

  • sukkimi,
    hi, thanks for dropping by.
    it’s very easy to make this almond crisp.

    first, mix 200g of the pre-mixed bienetta powder with 300g of thin-ed almonds. juz mix and then scoop a spoonful of it onto the silicon paper n send to the oven. bake at 150 degree for 10-12 mins or until golden brown.

    it’s very easy to make!

  • sukkimi,
    great! you have them made??? they are very churchy right?! *claps claps*

    not enought?! just bake more. sad case in my house, mum has sealed the container tight tight and locked them up in the cupboard.

  • ai wei, ya i’m thinking to make more even after CNY. The tricks of making this cookies is to lay the powder as thin as possible…
    But this powder is $$$ leh. I wonder anyone has the similar recipe, can share hehe..

  • hi, sukkimi,
    hmmm, you lay them thin before sending to the oven? i put them like a small mountain before sending them into oven and let them melth naturally in the oven. but i guess ur way is ok too.

    ya, the powder is quite costly.
    i’d found a recipe on almond crisp (not in caramel type). but I have not try them out. wait til i try them during free time then only post up?!

  • Basic mixture for florentines, fine pastry and bee-sting cakes. Bienetta:
    High quality raw material is the base for any gorgeous pastry! Dreidoppel baking ingredients are the base for a lot of irresistible pastry ideas.

    Ingredients: glucose syrup, sugar, vegetable fat, dextrose, whole milk powder, emulsifier: soy lecithin

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