Food Crawl: Kajang Town


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Satay satay satay,
that’s what People think Kajang is famous for. In fact, I don’t find Kajang satay (or satay in Kajang) is nice. The one in Cheras Batu 11 tastes far better than Satay Kajang.

Ever since she is married to Kajang, I am brought over to explore this kajang town. Traffic congested little town; hidden here were lots of good food to be discovered, especially those located behind the Kajang wet market. Old Man Restaurant used to be around but it has shifted to a new, brightly lit shop in Bandar Baru Bangi/Kajang.

Let’s check out what are the good stuff you could dig into…


1# HK style Chee cheong fun



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Kedai Satay Xiang Ji @ Jalan Portugis, Melaka


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Satay is one of the Malaysians’ favourites. We all love the thin skewer lined with well marinated meaty chunks, with the right proportion of fats and lean parts; grilling on the charcoal stove and finally touched with some charred finishing.

Most of the time, what we could get is the halal version. How about the non halal version?! Contunue Reading

Meng Sang Seafood Restaurant 茗昌海鲜饭店 @ Taman Midah


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I have no idea since when Taman Midah has converted to a seafood hub. For just 5 mins drive from my place (yay! No need to travel far), I can get superb fresh seafood at an affordable price. In one taman midah itself, it hides 3 restaurants that selling seafood (I have discovered so far); 2 with source from bagan datoh and the others from pulau ketam. I have yet to try the one with source from pulau ketam, will soon head for it (Do wait for my review).

With the families, we were supposed to dine in Han Lim Seafood Restaurant, as it was a weekend night, the restaurant was very crowded. Hence, we had to take a Plan B for dinner. Driving round and round, we spotted Meng Sang Seafood Restaurant hidden under the tree and huge canopy.


Meng Sang Seafood Restaurant obtains their fresh seafood supply from the local waters – Bagan Datok. I must say, their seafood are very fresh too!


meng sang

Pick your seafood items to be done under the canopy. The person in charge will weight them and then send them into the kitchen and do it in the way you want. Contunue Reading

Han Lim Seafood Restaurant 翰林海鲜饭店 @ Taman Midah, Cheras


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On the real day itself, it was simply a quiet celebration. No big gang, no huge crowd. I enjoyed the simple dinner with the bestie-couple, they bought me the-freshest-meal ever!


Han Lim Seafood Restaurant, a seafood restaurant tucked in Taman Midah which was formerly located at the Pasar Pagi Taman Midah. The new place is bigger with more seats available. Han Lim Seafood Restaurant gets all the seafood supply from Bagan Datok, a small township in Perak. Source they used are really fresh and juicy; with minimal seasoning, the seafood turn out to be… hmm… heavenly.


白炔苏东 Sotong (RM 14 for 400g)
One of their signature dishes.
The sotong/squid was blanched beforehand, with simple cooking method and minimal seasoning (ie soy sauce), fried garlic and finaly some chopped parsley, the squids/ sotong turned out to be something amazing! the texture was crunchy! Juicy!!! You wouldn’t stop yourself from eating this. Yummm…


金香啦啦 Kam Heong LaLa (RM 12)
Fat Juicy Lala With hint of wok hei; it was great to go with the rice.


蛋白蒸虾 Steamed prawns with egg whites (RM 23 for 300g)
The succulent big fat prawns were not overly done. It left us nothing in the plate. We even polished clean the soup/steam egg white as there was full of essence from the prawns. Contunue Reading

Kedai Makanan Kok Hing @ Taman Bukit Maluri


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We discovered this dai chow place by chance during our once-a-month grocery shopping in Kepong. To be exact, it is the monthly pearl-rice-shopping and filling-up-the-rice-tank. Yes you hear me, we came all the way from Cheras to get our rice supply; simply because this rice wholesaler supplies premium quality of rice.

All right, back to topic…


Kedai Makanan Kok Hing, a dai chow restaurant (with a branch in Bentong) that is located a few door steps away from where we shop for the rice supply. It has been here for about 7 years; serving yummy Chinese fares at a very affordable price. As you can see from the photo, that is where the kitchen positioned; patrons will take their seats in the air-conditioned-shop located right opposite this kitchen stall.


清蒸鲶鱼 a type of fresh water fish (seasonal price)


Fresh fish always goes great with simple steam and drizzled with special soy sauce. Contunue Reading

May King Lam Mee @ Jalan Pudu


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“For 40 years, we create the best moments in life”

That’s the slogan attached on one of the posters.

Yep, established since year 1969, May King has been here for more than 40 years; serving their specialty lam mee (the Lam Mee King) that filled with lots of condiments such as chicken shreds, prawns, minced meat, nga choi (bean sprouts) and chinese cabbage; drenched with thick flavourful gravy/broth and finally garnished with chops of spring onions.


The additional of Chinese cabbage gave a hint of refreshing sweetness to the broth. I am happy to find that their lam mee is still up to the standard and paid another few visits here. This huge portion is priced at RM 6. Contunue Reading

Kim Kee Seafood Restaurant 金记海鲜饭店 @ Taman Cheras (Yulek)


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A restaurant or a road-side stall?! Contunue Reading

Beer & Food Pairing @ Spring Garden 荔苑, KLCC – Oktoberfest!!!


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What comes into your mind when it comes to Oktoberfest???
Filling pork knuckles, meaty sausages and potatoes to go with the beer?!

Feeling sick of those… How about an oriental twist with the beer?! It is not about having Chinese dishes and beer-drinking but make use of beer in Chinese cooking and then pair it up with the beer.


Spring Garden; a member of Tai Thong Group has collaborated with Guinness Anchor Beer (GAB) and brought out the idea of pairing food and beer through dishes cooked using GAB beers and ingredients, as well as the ideal beverages to complete the gastronomic experience.

Special thanks to GAB for the warmth invite, I get to sample some dishes on the evening with a gang of beer lovers. :)


Deep Fried Soft Shell Crab & Chilled Pigeon with Tiger Beer 芋絲軟殼蟹拌啤酒乳鴿 (RM22 per pax)


Soft shell crab was battered with right amount of curry powder and deep fried into perfection; a great snack to kick start and go with the beer. While its companion, the chilled pigeon was immersed with the Tiger beer overnight; resulted a very well infused meat with the white beer.  

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