Kedai Makanan Kok Hing @ Taman Bukit Maluri


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We discovered this dai chow place by chance during our once-a-month grocery shopping in Kepong. To be exact, it is the monthly pearl-rice-shopping and filling-up-the-rice-tank. Yes you hear me, we came all the way from Cheras to get our rice supply; simply because this rice wholesaler supplies premium quality of rice.

All right, back to topic…


Kedai Makanan Kok Hing, a dai chow restaurant (with a branch in Bentong) that is located a few door steps away from where we shop for the rice supply. It has been here for about 7 years; serving yummy Chinese fares at a very affordable price. As you can see from the photo, that is where the kitchen positioned; patrons will take their seats in the air-conditioned-shop located right opposite this kitchen stall.


清蒸鲶鱼 a type of fresh water fish (seasonal price)


Fresh fish always goes great with simple steam and drizzled with special soy sauce. Contunue Reading

May King Lam Mee @ Jalan Pudu


Category : Chinese Food, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysian Food, Pudu


“For 40 years, we create the best moments in life”

That’s the slogan attached on one of the posters.

Yep, established since year 1969, May King has been here for more than 40 years; serving their specialty lam mee (the Lam Mee King) that filled with lots of condiments such as chicken shreds, prawns, minced meat, nga choi (bean sprouts) and chinese cabbage; drenched with thick flavourful gravy/broth and finally garnished with chops of spring onions.


The additional of Chinese cabbage gave a hint of refreshing sweetness to the broth. I am happy to find that their lam mee is still up to the standard and paid another few visits here. This huge portion is priced at RM 6. Contunue Reading

Kim Kee Seafood Restaurant 金记海鲜饭店 @ Taman Cheras (Yulek)


Category : Cheras, Chinese Food



A restaurant or a road-side stall?! Contunue Reading

Beer & Food Pairing @ Spring Garden 荔苑, KLCC – Oktoberfest!!!


Category : Chinese Food, Kuala Lumpur

What comes into your mind when it comes to Oktoberfest???
Filling pork knuckles, meaty sausages and potatoes to go with the beer?!

Feeling sick of those… How about an oriental twist with the beer?! It is not about having Chinese dishes and beer-drinking but make use of beer in Chinese cooking and then pair it up with the beer.


Spring Garden; a member of Tai Thong Group has collaborated with Guinness Anchor Beer (GAB) and brought out the idea of pairing food and beer through dishes cooked using GAB beers and ingredients, as well as the ideal beverages to complete the gastronomic experience.

Special thanks to GAB for the warmth invite, I get to sample some dishes on the evening with a gang of beer lovers. :)


Deep Fried Soft Shell Crab & Chilled Pigeon with Tiger Beer 芋絲軟殼蟹拌啤酒乳鴿 (RM22 per pax)


Soft shell crab was battered with right amount of curry powder and deep fried into perfection; a great snack to kick start and go with the beer. While its companion, the chilled pigeon was immersed with the Tiger beer overnight; resulted a very well infused meat with the white beer.  

Contunue Reading

Lai Ching Yuen 荔晶园 @ Grand Millennium Hotel KL – MIGF 2011


Category : Chinese Food, Fine Dining, Invited Review


When it comes to fine dining, is it only about Western food, Italian cuisine or French cuisine?! Not really as we do have Chinese fine dining nowadays. 



Lai Ching Yuen 荔晶园 (or previously known as Zing 晶苑) is one of the few Chinese Restaurants that participated in Malaysia International Gourmet Festival (MIGF) 2011 which is happening in the whole month of October. Together with the couples from Brought up 2 Share, Eat Only Lar and Citygal, we were here to sample their MIGF menu. 


The interior is decorated in a modern classic way, mainly in red. 

Contunue Reading

Hee Loy Fatt @ Kampung Baru Balakong, Seri Kembangan


Category : Balakong, Chinese Food, Seri Kembangan

We are bored with our usual family-dining-out restaurant/ chu char place. It is time to check out some new places. 


Travel a little further away from Cheras, we found this hidden gem, Hee Loy Fatt which is located inside Balakong New Village. I am sure the Balakong folks know quite well about this restaurant. During the days, it draws patrons for lunch; especially patrons who are working around that industrial or office area. Actually, it is not a new place to us as we were brought to this restaurant for few times; just happened that my camera was not with me every time I went there. Not until a family gathering recently, I was finally equipped. 


Vege (RM 12)


Stir-fry Long Bean with Salted Egg Yolk (RM 15)

Contunue Reading

Dim Sum @ Jade Pot, Old Klang Road


Category : Chinese Food, Dim Sum, Old Klang Road

My last visit to Jade Pot for steamboat was a great and satisfying one. When I learned that Jade Pot serves Dim Sum daily from morning till late noon; I decided to pay a visit with my family.


Tea (RM 2 per pax)


Jade Pot Egg Tart 一品蛋挞仔 (RM 4.80 for 3 pcs)


BBQ Pork Pastry 香麻叉烧酥 (RM 4.80 for 3 pcs)

Contunue Reading

Chee Cheong Fun @ Restoran You Lee, Taman Connaught, Cheras


Category : Cheras, Chinese Food, Hawkers

*Update: currently both Dai Be Steamed Fish and this chee cheong fun stall has shifted to Kopitiam 33, the coffee shop at the corner, just right opposite BHP petrol station.*

Besides the Dai Be Steamed Fish that is located inside the You Lee Kopitiam, there is another good stuff to try out – the chee cheong fun from the stall that tucked in one corner end in this kopitiam 

ccf stall

This stall owner (the uncle) is very patience in preparing every plates of chee cheong fun. He will flip open the chee cheong fun and lay them flat; then add a little sesame oil and chop them horizontally to create the kuey teow-liked noodles. Finally top it with the sauce and garnish with the fragrant toasted white sesame.

ccf with chilli sauce and sweet sauce

White silky smooth chee cheong fan drenched with homemade black sweet sauce (tim zheong) and home-grinded chilli sauce. Toss-toss everything together to create a well balanced flavour in every strand of chee cheong fun. I find their CCF is quite addictive and will have it at least once a week for breakfast or lunch. Slurrrp Slurrrp… 

ccf with chilli sauce and soy sauce

If you don’t fancy tim zheong, you can try this version of chee cheong fun which is drizzled with chilli sauce and soy sauce. Not to forget the pickled green chilli that go great with the chee cheong fun, this plate of CCF is something my mum loves.

Contunue Reading

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