Wedding Car Decorations: Easy Car Decoration Ideas

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Flowers on cars for the wedding event are among the all-time favorite. However, there are more to explore, especially when you opt for Flower Delivery Singapore and you work with the best Florist. Aside from a hand bouquet or flower arrangement of fresh and silk flowers, here are several wedding car decoration ideas and tips that you will surely love:

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Tin Cans
Although not all areas in Singapore allow the use of tin cans on wedding cars because they create loud and noisy sound, this fun idea is still one of the easy ways to decorate the wedding cars. You can easily tie decorated tin cans to the bumper of the cars to draw attention to the newly wed couples as their getaway wedding car leaves. The florist in Singapore has wonderful ideas for the tin cans.

License Plates
The flower shop also offers eye-catching and adorable designs for the License Plates. Some novelty stores also have these items. The plates can be attached on the wedding car or on the windows, depending on the preference of the couple. The license plates usually have prints like “Just Married,” “Mr. & Mrs.,” and “Happy Wedding.”

In heart shape, round shape, or in the usual balloon shape, balloons are one of the easiest and economical items to use to decorate the wedding car. The online florist can help you customize your balloons for the car. There are balloons with designs and prints, and they are available in wide variety of colors.

Pompoms are made from plastic materials and they are safe to use on the vehicle. They are charming and adorable decorative pieces that you can add to the laces or ribbons or to organza fabrics. Pompoms are also available in different colors and designs, giving you the choice to match your wedding car decorations to the wedding theme or motif.

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Chalk or Lipsticks
You can also use your own lipstick and chalk to write and scribble fun messages or markings on the windows. These items are very cheap and affordable. They are easy to remove as well. You can even draw hearts and flowers to add fun to the wedding car decorations .

These simple ideas are great for classic and traditional wedding styles and even for casual and modern style of wedding. Your wedding florist will assist you with these ideas when you opt for special packages of Flower Delivery Singapore on your wedding day.

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