EzyPoster Canvas: Transform your timeless memories into art pieces

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In this digital camera era and the great quality build in camera phone nowadays, we often snap our precious moments and store them in the harddisk, memory stick or sometimes will print them out and make into albums. Most of the time, these are always left forgettable and might as well being stored under the bed and thicken with dust. I believe this happens to everyone and not just me. Printed photos or albums are being stored in the storage box to keep away from dust. Your art pieces will never get viewed by everyone who visited your house.

Not anymore now because EzyPoster is here. We can actually have the precious art pieces printed out, hang them up on the wall and make them into a great art piece. Most importantly, it’s really affordable! Bear in mind, those special precious moments with the loved ones are meant to be shared, and not to be kept under the bed.


EzyPoster Canvas
Transform your timeless memories into art pieces


Why choose EzyPoster?
1, Finest quality
EzyPoster produces canvas poster prints at finest quality. They use their latest technology to generate the highest colour accuracy prints. There is no lamination required as it is scratch, water and heat resistant.

2, Affordable
You won’t need to throw in huge amount of money to print your canvas like what the professional studio charge for printing. Ezyposter’s canvas posters are priced reasonably. It will never burn a big hole in your pocket. Great idea for those who love to have a big big big canvas print in the wedding reception, in their house, and even little ones’ every single precious moments to be charted on the wall.


3, Light weight, strong, and no nails required!!!
Their canvas poster prints are very light in weight as they are mounted on a heavy duty fibre board. It weighs about 350 gram for the size 12” x 18” prints. You can actually hang the print up on the wall with just plastic hook or acrylic foam tapes (3M command tape are recommended)! Also, pre-drilled holes are available for instant hang-it-up. So convenient and hassle free!

4, Quick Turnaround
EzyPoster promises to deliver your prints at your doorstep in around 7 working days. They are very efficient that I actually got mine in less than 7 days.

5, Quality packing
All are nicely boxed up and packed to ensure zero damage when the recipients got them.

6, Great customer service
All enquiries are taken care of in 24 hours.


ezyposter shot

PERSONALIZE your very own canvas. How it works???
It is as easy as ABC to personalize your own canvas prints.

ezyposter shot (2)

First, Select your choice of Canvas Orientation; Square, Landscape or Portrain.

ezyposter shot (7)

Then, Select your Canvas Size. There is a preview to estimate its size

ezyposter shot (3)

Next, Upload the Picture. Choose your precious moments to be printed. You can just choose anything from your album. Babies, family photos, travel fun, flowers, scenery and etc.

Finally, add to Cart to place order.


There is no need to buy the paintings or whatever expensive stuff to hang them up on the wall. With EzyPoster’s canvas print, one can make the own gallery around the house. I have plenty of empty walls for print out canvas. Hmmm, gotta choose another photo to be printed and make my one and only photo gallery.

ezyposter shot (4)

Have nothing to print but wanna get something to hang up on the fairly blank wall? You can always SHOP at their gallery. There are so many choices to choose from, ranging from Art, Nature, Landscape, Place, Vintage and many many more.

ezyposter shot (5)

If you love sharing your artwork, there is a SHARE part you should check out on the ezyposter. You can actually share your photographs or artwork and they will feature it in the website. When someone purchases the image on the canvas print, you will be paid royalty fees. Cool isn’t it?! Check out the details here!

ezyposter shot (6)


Love my canvas print very much! The colours are vibrant and sharp. Can’t wait til I get my next print up and make my very own gallery at home!!! Photo is taken in 东川红土地 Hong Tu Di, Yunnan, China. An amazing place to explore and I named it as rainbow colour land. Come here in September/ October for full bloom of rainbow colour land.

Website: www.ezyposter.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/ezyposter
Instagram: www.instagram.com/ezyposter
Email: admin@ezyposter.com
Address: Plot 67 & 72, Lintang Kampong Jawa, Bayan Lepas Industrial Park, Bayan Lepas, 11900 Penang
Tel: 604-6444777/ 6012-4080369

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