A Toss to Prosperity, Happiness & Harmony with Chynna @ The Hilton Kuala Lumpur

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Like I said earlier, never let the CNY celebration stop. This is the rare time of the year for us to raise our chopsticks in unison and share with families and friends with the auspicious toss. Hence, we must toss as much as we can, speak up everything good during the lou sang activities.




Kung Fu Tea to welcome the guests.

Chynna’s Chinese New Year Menu is available from now until 22nd February, the day 15 of CNY a.k.a. the Chap Goh Mei. Choose from their prosperous sets or bountiful sets whereby each set comes with 3 different set menu (s); priced from Rm 238 nett per pax.

This year, Chef Lam – the Chinese Executive Chef and TV personality has created five fortune and prosperity lou sang which are all very interesting, especially the one we sampled – Mixed Salad with Squid Tentacles, Coconut White Curry Lo Sang.

Besides this one we sampled, they offer other variety of lou sang too if you are not a fan of squids such as the traditional Norwegian Salmon Lo Sang, Jackfruit & Strawberry Lo Sang, Caesar Salad with Grated Parmesan Cheese, Norwegian Salmon Lo Sang (how interesting, if you are bored with the traditional one) and Australia 3 Head Abalone Lo Sang.


Mixed Salad with Squid Tentacles, Coconut White Curry Lo Sang (Rm 128/half portion, Rm 238/full portion)

This was something different from what other restaurants serve. Chef Lam creatively added in squid tentacles into the lou sang. But, what I want to highlight was their lou sang sauce. Instead of normal sweet and tangy plum sauce, chef has crafted this special savoury sauce with coconut white curry to dress the lou sang. The sauce was rich and aromatic, as though we are having white curry noodles but this was on the salad which was so Malaysians’ flavour.



Braised Jade Soup with Monkey Head Mushrooms & Prawn Meat
How can we miss out the “monkey” element in the year of Monkey?! Hah, we have the “Monkey” Head Mushrooms in our soups. Something different again. This jade green coloured soup was very “powerful”. It was made of 50g of purely blended spinach and boiled with chicken stocks for long hours. Very smooth broth with chunks of prawn meat, monkey head mushroom and enoki mushroom added in. Light but flavourful.


Rock Salt Baked Chicken stuffed with Ginger and Tea
Chef specially chose the 120-day young chicken for its tenderness. It was then marinated with Long Jing Tea and ginger; then rock salt baked into perfection. The chicken was faintly infused with the hint of tea, scented with the spicy kick from the ginger. I am not a fan of ginger but this combination was good.


Steamed Giant Estuary Grouper Filler with Homemade Assam Jawa Sauce
Gimme a bowl of rice!!! Simply homey and appetizing with tangy sourish Assam Jawa Sauce.



Claypot Stewed Abalone with Sea Cucumber, Sun Dried Oyster, Fatt Choy, Mushrooms and Bran Gluten
The Chinese must have during the Chinese New Year with all the braised goodness resembling all the auspicious and fortunate all year round.


Wok Fried Omega Egg with Cirry Flavour, Australian Scallop, Prawn and garden vegetables


Poached Hong Kong Egg Noodle with Minced Chicken Beijing Style
Something to substitute the forever available glutinous rice or rice dish in set meal. Nicely rich zha jiang minced meat sauce layered on a bed of egg noodles. Wish the egg noodle could be more bouncy.


Panna Cotta, Crushed Peanut Nian Gao
A fusion sweet ending to end our Chinese New Year feast, chewy Chinese glutinous rice cake paired well with the creamy Italian panna cotta.

Check out HERE for Hilton KL Hotel Chinese New Year Menu and discount information (who doesn’t love getting discount and able to enjoy good food at the same time?!)

Once again, gong xi fa cai and happy Chinese new year!!!

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