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I love eating, and I love looking out for new restaurants/places for food / to try out. Most of the time, I will look for discounts/rebates from my essential item – credit cards! I used to flip through the hard copy of privileges catalogues from the banks, highlighted the café or restaurants in the catalogues and swear to pay a visit whenever possible. However, I couldn’t remember the discounts/rebates offered by each banks and always walked out without utilise them. Ishhh…! I would have saved up a lots of $$$ if I remember which card to charge on in different stores and restaurants.

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Hehe, thanks to nowadays technology and this gotta help me to save a fortune in my pocket!


With this app in my smartphone, I will be more awared with the privileges offered! 😀

Rewards2Go is shoppers’ great companion. A very user friendly app; with just a few touches, you will get to know the updated or latest offers/ promotions/ discounts/ rebates, by then you could utilise your credit card for best offers. The greatest of all, this App is FREE! Yay!
Just download Rewards2Go onto your iPad or iPhone!

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You could then search the offers by Bank/ Credit Card or by Merchant

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and then, search by Category: Dining, Entertainment, Health & Beauty, Hotels, Shopping

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And I opt for dining part always. Hehe

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Besides that, you could always make comparison between Banks for same merchant and then touch to view them in detailsDo remember to bookmark the offers and benefits (by adding them in Favourites) for your future references!

Your Question:

Your favourite card is not in it?!

Fret not, Rewards2Go App was just released on 7/7/12, Rewards2Go will constantly be updated according to the latest offers. Additional Banks and Credit Cards privileges will be added to the list soon.

For more information
Rewards2go can be downloaded from app store by searching “Rewards2go” or

Your ideal lifestyle companion. Fast, easy and convenient!


will check out for more tea and dining session with this App! :]

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