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I am a typical homebody, or the so-called zháinǚ; 宅女. I often try to get stuff by having them delivered to my doorstep, trying my best not to step out of the house. So I get my basic skin care online; I buy my tops and outfits and accessories online from The Patbingsu and some of the online boutiques. I wouldn’t walk out from house unless… ermm… when necessary (ie: grocery shopping, dining out with the partners-in-crime). Why?! Because I hate juggling through the hectic traffic; lazy to go out on those hot and humid weather days…
As for my work??? Am still waiting

When it comes to camera gadgets or accessories or gift ideas, I will refer to this online website – ShutterZen(dot)com.

ShutterZen(dot)com is founded by two young men. With the premise located at J Avenue Cheras (or as the showroom/ pick up point) and specialized in online digital retailing; offering a wide variety of brands, camera equipment/ gadgets as well as photography gifts. One of their aims is to deliver a platform of lowest price products but at the greatest quality.

I wouldn’t know there are actually lots of special and unique items; not till I browse through ShutterZen(dot)com.


Lens Bracelet
This funky accessories was first born in early 2010, created by Adam Elmakias as a promotional tool for his photography. And there goes the trend of wearing lens bracelet!
ShutterZen is the first and only authorized reseller for original lens bracelet in Malaysia.


I am eyeing on this Bokeh Masters Kit now. Tried DIY myself but it was a fail-max-experience. My bokeh didn’t turn out to be very bokeh and it was troublesome to use. This one… seems easy to use eh, with so many patterns to play around.


Ahhh yes! and this cleaning kit for my toy too…


Or should I get them individually?!
Air blower


and Lenspen….
Hmmm, *thinking hard*

Besides these items listed in my wishlist, I noticed that they have the perfect Valentine’s gift/ Birthday gift/ Whatever-occasion-gift-for-your-loved-ones gift.


The Nikon Lens Mug.
My bff got her hubby this Nikon lens mug online and had it shipped from US last time. It costs her a bomb. And now, ShutterZen is selling this lovely mug at reasonable price. With great craftsmanship and made of plastic body with stainless steels interior. Not those inspired version with low graded craftsmanship (yes I saw them somewhere from the gift shop, crafted with not the real name but with some weird spelling on the mugs).


And the lens mug is zoom-able!!! How adorable!!! 


There are Canon Lens Mug too, if you are Canon fans.

Knocking your head on the wall for gift ideas??? Get this for your loved ones this Valentine’s, let him/her show off in the office. Everyone will go ohh and ahh over it. Trust me!

Besides the mugs, they have other cute stuff too!!!



Camera Money bank. A good idea to motivate ones to save up for new lens or gadgets.


Cute USB Drive to keep all your precious photos in it and/or transfer it to the others


Colourful Camera Keychains

ShutterZen offers a range of payment options for their customers such as direct bank in/online transfer, credit card/ pay pal, cheque deposit and also cash on collection. Kindly refer to ShutterZen’s payment method for more details. 

Oh yeah oh yeah, they offer FREE delivery with purchase of RM 50 and above from ShutterZen!
Since Valentine’s Day is here, do check out the photography gifts they offer and select something for your special loved ones ^^

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