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My gang of friends has been acting weird lately. They seems to hunt after some kind of cuisine which I don’t usually go for – that’s the vegetarian cuisine. And the weirdest thing is that they are doing it every Friday. I thought, people will go for some meaty food with a drink or two on Friday?! Well, according to them, they said they wanna have a soul and mine cleansing on Friday and opt to avoid those sinful foods. Weird reasons from my weird friends, or… I am the weird one??? 

Kechara Oasis New Age Vegetarian Cuisine has opened its doors in Viva Home Mall. It is bigger than the one in Jaya One; the ambiance and the decors are really posh looking; with high ceiling, it looks really grand. The staffs are friendly and the service provided is attentive. 

On the food we had, I truly have no idea on the names of dishes, as I did not take charge in ordering. Will try my best to name them.  


Vegetables with mushrooms. 


Stir fried vegetable with lotus roots, pea, ginkgo, carrots, baby corns… and finally tossed with macadamia nuts. 


Fried Mayo Mushroom was my favourite. Deep fried crunchy mushroom drenched in thick homemade mayonnaise. 


This was the 100% non fat healthy ‘pork’. 
Look like Tung Po Yuk (meat) and taste like Tung Po Yuk too! except the texture of the fats was different from the real fats layer lar.


Beancurd with minced ‘meat’


Yin Yong Kai Lan


Kung Po Eel. The eel is made of soya and stir fried in classic Kung Po style


I remember I had really good momo with buttery skin during my visit to Kechara Oasis in Jaya One last time. Hence, I asked for momo as I didn’t find the pan fried momo in the menu. They recommended the momo with soup. The soup was great, really great, thick, broth-y, sweet and fresh. But… the momo was not the momo I want. The skin was thick, way too thick and too doughy to my liking.  


Nyonya style Assam Fish
Stir fried fish (made of saya) with okra and eggplants. 


De-boned ‘Fish’. The texture of the ‘fish’ was so real!


We even had a birthday celebration here for the August babies with homemade The Fake Funghi 🙂  

I’d love to visit here again for the unique vegetarian cuisine. But guys, not every Friday, okay?!

Kechara Oasis
Viva Home 

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11 thoughts on “Kechara Oasis New Age Vegetarian Cuisine @ Viva Home”

  • Attracted by these jor, the 'tong po yuk' looks cute! & the Eel, looks real! Gonna hav this on my working lunch soon~

  • baby sumo,
    haha, vegetarian food also not really my thing. but do give a try. at least once 🙂 the food is quite nice. but no no to the steam momo, k.

    haha, tong po yuk is really the tong po yuk, except in a healthier way. are you working nearby?

  • Oohh Heard so much about this place before! Good to know it's a new branch.. Should go and try it soon when I want body and mind cleansing 😛

  • Morning Ai Wei, we had just viewed your post. Really like the vegetarian food a lot, the appearance of the fish is so much like the real one. Wonder how the cake would taste, it looks so special 😀

  • witch,
    hahaha, soul and mind cleansing is just their excuse. 😛
    and we ended up for some other things after this meal.

    haha, they are so real! every fibre and strand. mimic the real stuff esp the meat part of the tung po yuk.

    you are ahtee, right???
    haha. that's really near to viva home ^^

  • It's either vegetarian or organic nowadays. And not cheap either, easily comparable or even pricier than the real meat.

  • j2kfm,
    yeah. vegetarian doesn't come cheap nowadays. especially when it is tagged with organic.
    this restaurant too, is not cheap either. but they do have the quality 🙂

  • Lol, think I'm getting outdated. I've no idea where this place is and I've never heard of it. But vegetarian sounds good, and eating healthy is good. The mayo mushrooms look really good and the tung bo yuk looks quite real!

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