SINGAPORE: U.d.d.e.r.s Ice Cream

  • Sumo

What’s for SUPPER?!

scream for ICE CREAM!!!

Harrr??? Not fattening meh?! You may ask

Yes, it may be fattening, but how could you resist having one when everyone is queuing for it???


Seriously, when I got there at about 11PM, the queue was really long; the place was crowded and there wasn’t any vacant table available.  

Ground floor and first floor were packed with youngsters. I was begging in heart, please gimme a table for 4; I came from far (ie KL), die die also must try out this famous Singapore homemade ice cream

Thankfully I did not have to wait for long 🙂

Udders is Singapore homegrown ice cream. It is famous for the “adult” ice cream or the liqueur-ed ice cream. 


There was this huge chalk board on the wall, scribbled with all flavours. 
What’s that for?!


It is not the menu but a kind of voting system. On the board is a list of suggestion of flavour to be experimented; patrons can note down the flavour they wish to turn them into reality or vote the existing one using the colourful chalk. 

Hmmm, Ham & Cheese flavour; hotcakes & butter flavour; Apple pie flavour… I wish they all turn real.


There are 3 categories on the flavours – liqueur, Asian-inspired, and cosmopolitan. On the liqueur category, you may find rum-rum raisin, wineberries, martini and even choya umeshu sorbet. Chocolate, Snickers mars, earl grey fall into Cosmopolitan category. If you love some explosive flavour, try gila Melaka, D24 durian or even Mao Shan Wang Durian (King of cat mountain durian) that fall in Asian-inspired category. 


Strawberry Fields and Orange Choc Bitters.
Strawberry Fields is made with fresh strawberry while Orange Choc Bitters is the dark and bitter Belgian chocolate spiced with orange liqueur – Triple Sec. 


Bailey’s & Bourbon and Awesomely Chocolate. Both fall into the premium range.
Bailey’s & Bourbon is the Bailey’s Irish cream combined with Bourbon while Awesomely Chocolate is blended from 2 dark chocolates plus dark chocolate shavings to create the rich chocolate flavour. 


I love all the flavours I tried; rich in flavour and creamy in texture.

This is really an interesting ice cream place, with innovative flavours coming out from time to time. And of course, some flavours will go retire too (discontinue)

Singaporeans love desserts a lot, guess they love hiding in here most of the time. See, opens till late (1AM) on weekend and eve of public holiday 🙂

U.d.d.e.r.s (Siglap)
87 Upper East Coast Road 
Singapore 445223
Tel: +65 6448 8732

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8 thoughts on “SINGAPORE: U.d.d.e.r.s Ice Cream”

  • melissathegreat,
    it's like a wish list of ice cream. people can note down the flavours they wish to turn them in real.

    ya, ice cream shop!

    choi yen,
    errr, crazy hor? but singaporeans love doing so. 🙂

    zhi qing,
    you should and they all seriously good

  • baby sumo,
    they named this because their ice cream is soooo fresh, almost straight from the udders. haha
    mooo mooo

    oh izzit? aw, i wan a scoop of their rum rum raisin now!!!

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