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What pops up in your mind when you first saw these???



funky villa1


funky villa-1

and have you ever thought of finding some Thai food here?


Funky Villa, quite an interesting place that hold a bistro-like concept; with very cool and stylish decors; playing Thai songs at the background; serving the authentic Thai cuisine.


Courtesy of Natalie, the communication manager of Funky Villa and also the arrangement by kampungboycitygal, we were brought to Funky Villa; sampled their launch of Set Lunch Menu that are priced from RM 9.90 ++ to RM 17.90 ++ (daily from 12 to 3pm)


Shredded Green Mango Salad with Dry Shirmp & Coconut Flakes 
Pineapple Fried Rice with Chicken (RM 9.90)

Vegetable Spring Rolls with Curry Chicken & Steam Rice (RM 11.90)


Pomelo Salad with Chicken, Shrimp & Cashew Nuts
Thai Herb Fried Rice with Seafood (RM 13.90)


Golden Prawn Pan Cake & Seafood Tom Yum Noodles (Rm 15.90)

Tom Yum “Gung” with “Pad Thai” Seafood Noodles (RM 17.90)
the pad thai was really deeeeelicious! 

The above are available in the set lunch menu. Besides that, we tried out the other a la carte too. 


Pamelo Salad (RM 15) – with lots of pamelo tossed with chillies, dried shrimp, cashew nuts, shredded chicken & prawn. A very appetizing salad to start off the meal.


Fish Cake wrapped in Half boiled Egg (RM 13 for 4 pcs)
We learnt that this is a northern Thai specialty dish and it is quite a tedious task to prepare this. This is quite a special dish where the other Thai restaurants do not really have this


Tom Yum Kung (RM 23)
the house specialty – Tom Yum Prawns cooked with Young Coconut Pulp


Tom Kha Seafood (RM 22) – the sourish spicy soup in coconut milk based. This one was a really good soup and it gave fragrant original flavour. Yuuummm!


Cat Fish Mango Salad (RM 22) – something i can never let go!


Stir Fried Squid in Salted Egg Yolk (RM 17) – the chewy fresh squids was well compatible with the salted egg yolk.


Thai Steam Otak-Otak in Coconut (Homok) (RM 23)
Steamed Fish with Red Curry and Herbs served in fresh coconut.


Thai Herbs Minced Chicken (RM 12)
Crispy battered minced chicken meant with an array of Thai Herbs and crunchy rice. A very fragrant deep fried snack that go best with the beer. 

After the starters and a la carte(s), let’s continue with the desserts!



Dessert Twin Dessert Special – Mango Sticky Rice & Red Rubies (water chestnut with jackfruit), served with Vanilla Ice Cream (RM 16.90) – never miss out these pretty desserts.


Dessert Ginkgo Nut in coconut served Shaved Ice (RM 7.90)


Dessert Cantaloupe with Sago in Coconut & Shaved Ice (RM 7.90)


Signature Drinks (refillable): Tamarind (assam), Roselle (Fresh Ribena) and Lemongrass (Serai)

Do you know that Funky Villa serves colourful cocktails??? 


Giant Cocktail (Funky Rita) for sharing!!! price at RM 55 for 750 ml


and Sugar as Hand-model

This was a great fun lunch session with the other food bloggers – kampungboycitygal, Chris&Christine, Sugar Bean, WMW, Jason, Simon and Squall. Many thanks to Funky Villa for the lunch invitation 🙂

Verdict: Tastewise, the food here was really good, well-prepared and the presentation of the food was attractive too. Besides that, this is a great place for happy hour or a drink with friends. Love dropping by again. ~

Funky Villa
Lot No G-03A, G06 & EG-06
Ground Floor e@Curve (formerly Cineleisure)
No. 24, Jalan PJU 7/3, 
Mutiara Damansara,
47810 Petaling Jaya,
Tel: 03-77252308

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23 thoughts on “Funky Villa @ e@Curve”

  • Seeing your post in the middle of the night isn't a good idea as it makes me super hungry with those beautiful pictures =] my stomach is grumbling straightaway after that… nice food, thanks for sharing *drool*

  • WyYv,
    lolx, i always reading food blogs at night. and ended up, munching cookies and snack at late night. huuhuu…

    you are welcome. this a great place for hang out. 🙂

    somewhere in singapore,
    must try those nice food 🙂

    mummy moon,
    have a try then, and let me know how'd you feel 🙂

    keke, and surprise that it serves thai food~!

  • jean,
    i have never been there at night arrr… must grab my friends and go one day ^^

    must try. big plates and cheap too!

    thankssss :))))

    the place is well decorated and decorated colorfully. hehe, good for photo shooting 🙂

  • I love thai food! The prices and portion seem reasonable and good.. too bad I work too far from Curve to go there for lunch 🙁

  • Wow, when I looked at the photos just now, I'm drooling over the mango salad and the pamelo salad. Love their salads, really appetising. Great place to have Thai food. Should we revisit again? =)

  • Awesome food! I like to try the Giant Cocktail Funky Rita. 🙂 And oh, love the restaurant wall art decor.

  • vialentino,
    yeeeep, very good, well prepared. do have a try

    bangsar babe,
    lolx. it's a bistro-liked place with thai food available 🙂 that's why it seems bit funky. and named funky-ly too!

    how bout visit during weekend??? drag ur hubby along 🙂

    yesss, agree with you.

  • sugar bean,
    yes for sure. and this time, we should bring Mr Bean along. i am sure he has been craving for good asian food for some times liao, right????

    i love their decor too. with the colourful decor, it brightens up the mood 🙂

    you should try out if you love thai food. this place serves good and authentic thai food, as well as lovely cocktails.

    jobless gal,
    have a try 🙂 am sure you will love it

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