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I always thought, Pho Hoa, the Vietnamese restaurant is always originated from Viet itself… Not until I was told that Pho Hoa is actually originated from America!!! Pho Hoa, serving the authentic healthy Vietnamese Food is the largest Vietnamese Restaurant Chain in North America.


Thanks to Richard and Kampungboycitygal, WEE got a chance to sample the Viet’s food from Pho Hoa.






Vietnamese Drip Coffee with Milk (RM 5.95)


Vietnamese Drip Coffee with Milk & Ice (RM 5.95)
The coffee was then poured into a glass of ice. I am seriously in love with their Viet’s coffee which actually gives strong aroma and ohhhm. But opppsss, I had insomnia and I started to disturb people at late night. Anyhow, nevermind with the insomnia and I will still hop over for this good Viet’s coffee.


Six Treasure (RM 7.95)


The 3-coloured Drink


There are a great variety of appetizers to choose from the menu. We get to sample some from the highly recommended list; to my surprise, all of them were good and appetizing.


Lemon Grass Chicken (RM 7.95 – 4 sticks per plate) was fragrant with the light aroma from the lemon grass. However, the meat was a bit dry.


Fried Spring Roll with minced chicken, vegetables and yam (RM 3.25 per roll) was deep fired into golder brown. It was quite special that they’d put in yam as one of the important ingredients.


Sugar Cane Prawn (RM 7.95 – 4 sticks per plate) was indeed smokey and flavourful with the sweetness from sugar cane.


Summer Roll (RM 3.25 per roll) was a healthy version of roll which consists of shrimp, chicken, salad and rice Vermicelli. Never forget to pair up the roll with the special peanut sauce to add on extra flavour.

Main Courses:

The Viet Noodles are truly imported from Vietnam and are made from 100% rice flour. Each bowl of soupy noodles is come with some fresh greens – coriander leaves, bean sprouts, hot chili padi, lemongrass wedges and basil leaves.


Firstly, you have to taste the original taste of the broth first before adding in all the fresh into your bowl. Next squeeze in the lime, toss in the coriander leaves, bean sprouts, hot chili padi, basil leaves and mix them up. Taste it again as it will give a different flavour. Finally, you can change the flavour by squeezing in their special sweet and spicy sauce.


Never try to play with the hot red chili sauce as it is really hot and fiery. (photo credited to Brought up 2 Share)

Pho we tried:


Pho Tai, Nam (RM 13.95 for regular; RM 15.55 for large) – Noodles soup with eye round steak, flank.



Pho Tai, Chin Nac, Nam, Gan Sach (RM 16.95 for regular; RM 18.55 for large) is from the adventurer’s choice where you have everything in it – Steak, Brisket, Flank, Tendon, Tripe Pho.


I am glad that they actually have something for the non-beef-diners like me.
Pho Do Bien Chua Cay (RM 13.95 for regular; RM 15.55 for large portion) – the hot and sour seafood pho. It was kinda sourish but i love it.


Look at Citygal, she was posing the REGULAR and LARGE bowl portions.


Pho is not something for you??? Maybe try out their Rice Platter?!
Com Ga Buong Cha Trung Hap (RM 15.95) – the grilled chicken and egg cake.

Desserts: the heart winning one.


Coconut Flam with Caramel (RM 4.25) is wobbly, light and not too sweet.


Chocolate Banana Tower is the fried banana with ice cream (RM 6.95)


Cendol Kem (RM 6.95) consists of cendol, red bean with coconut milk, gula Melaka and imported coconut ice cream.


Cha Gio Re Kam (RM 5.95) is the net spring roll consists of Yam, Sweet Potato and Mung Bean with Vanilla Ice Cream. The net spring roll was very crispy and I myself love the Yam and Sweet Potato combination a lot.

We enjoyed the authentic Vietnamese Food that actually emphasizing on the quality of the ingredients and individual’s health. I do find that the portion they serve is toooo large to be finished. Loved every bite from the starters to main courses to desserts. and must not forget to try out the aromatic drip coffee if you fancy coffee.

Pho Hoa
First Floor (beside Borders)
Tropicana City Mall.

Read more here and here

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17 thoughts on “Pho Hoa @ Tropicana City Mall”

  • Now you make me miss Melbourne oledi. I have Pho almost once a week…come visit me, I bring you to the best Vietnamese Chic Noodle

  • selba,
    aiksss, any other viet's place other than pho hoa in jakarta???!

    precious pea,
    ohhhh, the one you posted before!!! okay okay, i will save up for trip to melb. must ask them along too. hahaha πŸ™‚

  • cumi&ciki,
    the food at this place is quite nice πŸ™‚

    lols, that was my first time to tropicana city mall also… hehehe

  • I miss the sugar cane sticks! Very aromatic.. πŸ™‚ And I love the coffee too! Though I don't dare to drink much, afraid of insomnia! LOL

  • sonia,
    pho in viet?! must be very authentic one. >< do they have non beef pho there?

    somewhere in singapore,
    that's a great one. fresh and can taste the sweetness from the sugar cane

    <3 i heart their desserts and also their drip coffee!

    gong xi fa cai πŸ™‚

    besides those, should try their special desserts lor. kinda different from what we usually can get πŸ™‚

    yep, you should. authentic and very healthy too πŸ™‚

  • i've tried pho hoa noodle soup at macau venetian shopping mall food court…i think should b the same…super good la the beef noodle soup

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