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Our (Chrsitine and I) beloved friend, Khee has gone back to India. Her holiday end so soon but I guess she really had a great time with us and her family.

She was really busy and could hardly spare some times for us in her 3 weeks holiday. Finally it was the night before she is off to India, she spent us a meal in Secret Recipe (we both actually not wanting to dine in Secret Recipe (Sg. Long) but Khee was so raring to dine in here. Just follow her wish lerrr 🙂

We had some main courses and a dessert to share with.

It was Friday. Christine has a special habit. She will eat a lot on this day and surprisingly, her stomach can really accommodate what she has eaten! *it is only happened on Friday* so she had the Prawn Macaroni with Cheese. It was the macaroni pasta with prawns and mushrooms topped with loads of mozzarella cheese and grilled till melted. It was quite cheeselicious and the taste was just right. Overall, it was quite okay lar.

Khee then ordered the Pan-grilled Dory with Lobster Sauce. It was the pan-grilled dory fillets prepared with homemade lobster sauce, served with French fries, sweet pea, cauliflower and carrots. This was quite a disappointed one. The French fries were over-fried and it turned out to be dark brownish colour. The cauliflower and carrots were over boiled and ended up with really ugly looking; it was un-appetizing and really-not-good for our taste buds. The lobster sauce was a little salty too. Aiks… what was this?!?!?! Me and Christine tried out the same one in Leisure Mall before and it was quite delicious.

I had their set menu set B (priced at Rm 23.80) and it was quite a deal which came in with a seafood spring roll (3 pcs), a main course to choose (carribean fish fillet or chicken kebab or roasted chicken with turmeric sauce) and a drink (either water melon juice or mango juice).


Water Melon Juice

Here was the 3 tiny small pieces Seafood Spring Roll came out in piping hot but tasteless. Sigh…


Thinking of if the appetizer was not good, and then it would be the same for the main course. When the main course arrived, it was so greenish in colour and looking so-not-good. But to my surprise, the Caribbean Style Fish Fillet was good. All three of us put a thumb up on this though it was so ugly looking and we told each other ‘not to judge the book by its cover’! It was the fish fillet with tangy sauce served with green salad (just 4 pieces of greens). It was appetizing and tasted sourish after the additional of lime juice.

After the dinner, the gals headed to the dessert chiller. We then had a Blueberry Cheese Cake (forgotten to take pic). And there ended out farewell dinner with Khee. When’s the next reunion?! Gosh, I can’t imagine it. It might be a year later because Christine going to Scotland coming June >_<

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15 thoughts on “Farewell again @ Secret Recipe”

  • Haha, i just had their cakes yesterday. I had their Mango and Choc Banana cake which were awesome!!!
    Tried their lasagna before, a bit oily…

  • I’m always hungry on fridays… *psst. wanna tell everyone meh?*
    the pasta not bad rite? love its cheesy taste. the dory fish not as good as the last time you ordered.
    sniff ;( can’t see khee for so long.

  • hahaha now i know christine..im worried about our friday date next week :(..plz dun eat my share

  • Haha! How can Christine always be hungry of Friday? Used to visit this place a lot but now we hardly visit it. Seems like they’ve changed their menu. I still like their yogurt cheesecake.

  • Haha! How can Christine always be hungry of Friday? Used to visit this place a lot but now we hardly visit it. Seems like they’ve changed their menu. I still like their yogurt cheesecake.

  • jojo,
    yeah… their lasagna not bad but dining in Secret kinda pricey ar…

    hehehe, on;y ‘us’ know ma. i din tell everyone e. hehe
    ya, the pasta not bad. quite a nice one but the dory fish not up to the standard. aiks…

    dun worry, we can visit her in malacca after u are back!~ ^^

    lol, don’t worry, she won’t take up ur share. she will only finish her hubby’s plate. kekeke

    wenching & esiong,
    ya… i like thier yogurt cheese too! and the blueberry cheese cake.

  • Have you try Maria’s Bistro in Cheras Mahkota? It serves Italian food I think, it’s in the same row as the Fish Head noodle restaurant run by One Station management.

  • I’ve only had cakes at Secret Recipe. I actually find the green sauce on the fillet quite appealing. Hehe. I guess it’s my attraction to all things green made from matcha & pandan.

    Hope to join you gals one day for makan makan outing ler n.n

  • aiyer…the food doesnt appeal to me also..forced habit if i have to when it comes to group lunches..nearby our office..

  • simon seow,
    hmm? an italian restaurant??? in Cheras Mahkota? really that nice?
    gonna pay a visit if it is really good! thanks ya~

    last time i tried out an italian restaurant in sg. long before and quite a nice one but unsure if it is still there.

    durian berry,
    lol, the green symbolize matcha and pandan. thats true also. haha
    no probs, we sure have the chance to eat out together!~

    hahaha, there are prawns but not to many and not to little though. okay lar… i ate 2 prawns but not sure about christine and the other friend.

    haha, the ‘forced’ type… if really got nothing to eat then no choice ^^

    study is a NO-No-NO thing for me dear… sigh… i still can’t sit still and study lar. this time really cham lar!!!

    SOB SOB sobzzz…

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