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When we were on our way to a beach, I came a across a “we-have-what-you-want” small size lorry vendor. This lorry business was run by a wed-couple. The pakcik n makcik were selling a wide variety of snack such as fruits, drinks, chips and others kacang-kacang.

The most special thing was this…

That’s really clever. They have this own-built-inverted type of soft drink machine. They even use the water taps to control the flow of soft drinks. Cool isn’t it?!

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Wah a mobile pub! Lol. So cool 😉

haha, wish those were beer though… 😉

so special…so cool…

durianberry, new kid on the blog & squall,

cool isn’t it?!
it was a ‘wow’ from me when i first saw this!

you are right, much better if it’s beer. beer is very cheap in langkawi ^^

mmm.. like this also can!!?

so cool!! haha

veri kewl! maybe can do that the next time i have a party..haha!

Hahaha…a soft drink “BAR”, cool!

ahaha, funny hor?! but it is a briliant idea that they come up with something like that.

kampungboycitygal & wmw,
cool isn’t it?!

nic (khkl),
u can do so and everyone will think u are the briliant n special one. hehehe!

Will the soft drinks flow out too fast? Did u try to buy n c how it works?

wouldn’t the soft drink be out of gas ?

Yeah, I agree with Ling239 .. the drinks would probably be out of gas la…

aik, I have the same thought too with ling and timothy.

er… i didn’t try that out and never thought of trying it out. so, i dunno the flow and stuff.

ling239, timothy & simon seow,
hah! i never thought if this too! most prob the gas is all out. well, i guess most ppl never though of this before buying. you know, ppl buy drinks just to qunech their thirst ^^

wah~~very creative soft drink machine..we can try DIY at home^^

Zomg…Soft drink bar?
Nowadays Foods and Drinks
industries are really crazy enough…

Innovative business idea!

Haha, haven’t seen this before but it definitely looks cool. it’s like a mobile bar.

what an innovative way!!
maybe we can try it out when we’re having any parties ;P

ya, it is quite a good idea to DIY but do figure out the solution if the gas leak or something.

food and beverage industries are now very competitive. i wonder what’s up in the next 5 or 10 years?! hehe, really can’t imagine.

little inbox,
innovative and creative e ^^

sugar bean,
haha, very funny the first time i saw this. but still very speacial. ^^

want something like that for your next party?! ahaha, ask chris to make one lor~

yo, really cool n special… y not just pour out…ermmm, maybe will be more convenient without opening n closing the bottle cap…haha

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