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This famous pancake is worth the wait! I assured!

FLUFFY!!! It’s super-duper fluffy! This jiggly fluffy pancake has been all over the media and I first heard about it was from Business Insider, and then this news is mushroomed all over the social media and blog, also lots of boomerang on Instagram. And I have to say, this is the fluffiest pancake I have ever had!


Glad to find out there is this jiggly soufflé pancake in Matsumoto because there is always crazy queue in Tokyo!

Café & Pancake Gram

Serves this jiggly premium soufflé pancake three times a day. Do take note on this! Only 3 times a day and they only make 20 servings each time. Be sure to catch the serving time at 11am, 3pm and 6pm. There is the ticketing system in Gram Tokyo where you will have to get the ticket/score card and be back again according to the time given.


Luck was with us because Gram Pancake Matsumoto had no sight of queue and no sight of crowd too. We just hopped into the café in the afternoon around 3pm; there were only 2 occupied tables.


Café Au Lait (¥450)


Iced Blend Coffee (¥400)


Some seasonal drinks which I have forgotten the name


We had 2 servings of the Premium Pancake (¥1200) and a savoury pancake on the menu.

After 20 minutes, the server came out with 2 plates of fluffy pancake tower, jiggled all the way from the kitchen. Each plate came in with a stack of 3 thick pancakes, topped with butter, dusted with powdered sugar and a dollop of foamed cream at the side; and served alongside with a small jar of maple syrup. When you move the plate, it will doink doink jiggle sideway, perfect for boomerang shot and Instagram.



As I bite into the pancake, one word, heaven! LOL. It was super light and fluffy with cloud-liked texture, melted right away on your palate. Very delicious! Remember to smear a bit of butter, whipped cream and drizzle a little maple syrup on the pancake before enjoying it.


Savoury pancake (I forgot the name). It was only available in Matsumoto. Every time we saw限定, or known as limited, we were hooked. Sandwiched with Bolognese sauce (I think), topped with an egg, mushrooms and side with salad; served piping hot and it was delicious as well. So if you are not a sweet person, there are always other savoury options for you to choose!




Café & Pancake Gram
1F, Presis Matsumoto-jo Koen,
4-9-4, Ote, Matsumoto-shi
Nagano-ken. 〒390-0874
Opens from 11am to 10pm

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