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Toyama is located in the Hokuriku Region of northern Chubu, is usually a popular stayover place for people who have visited the Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route, or going to hop on the alpine route.

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JR map toyama


With this marvellous JR Alpine-Takayama-Matsumoto Area Tourist Pass , I got to explore to Toyama. As I have said in my previous post, we used the luggage forwarding service that is available at Alps Roman Kan situated next to Shinano Omachi Station, we had our carefree day without our luggage with us. Just expect your luggage will be arrived at your pre-set destination. As for ours, we had them send straight to our hotel. Super convenient, isn’t it?!


Many may think there is nothing much in Toyama. Toyama is not as busy as the other places, the lifestyle here is much slower pace than bigger cities. If you have time, you can explore further towards Toyama Bay for gourmet hunting such as sushi and fresh sashimi, visit to art museum, sail on Matsukawa River Cruise and many more.

Alright, here are some of the things you can do in Toyama, if you have a short stayover with limited time.

1. Enjoy the slow pace of the city by Tram
Tram is one of the modes of transportation in Toyama and it is separated to Portram and Centram.
Route 1 which is the green line connects Minamitoyamaeki-mae and Toyama Station.
Route 2 which is the orange line connects Minamitoyamaeki-mae, Toyama Station and Daigaku-mae
Route 3 runs by the Centram which is the Loop Line, travels around Toyama Station and the central area of Toyama City in an approximately 28minutes (running 1 round of loop line).

toyama tram






Remember to ask for the Toyama City Tram Free Ticket from the hotel you are staying in. You will be entitled to have 2 free rides, worth ¥200 each ride where you can hop on onto the Toyama Light Rail Line and Toyama Chiho Railway Tram Lines freely.


2. Visit the Toyama Castle Park
Toyama Castle Park contains the reconstructed castle keep, an art museum, Japanese garden, spacious lawn and a statue of former local lord. It is known best as the cherry blossom view spot in Toyama during the cherry blossom season.






Can’t really show you how pretty is the castle keep as I didn’t enter. My family is never a fan of museum unless the entrance fee is FOC.

Getting there:
About 15 minutes’ walk from Toyama Station or a short walk from Kokusai-kaigijo-mae stop on tram line number 3

3. Enjoy the scenic Fugan Canal Kansui Park
The 9.7 hectare waterside park surrounded the canal, blessed with enormous green lawn, is a popular spot for people to come here for a stroll, enjoy the calm and peacefulness of the city.




The park’s iconic Tenmonkyo Bridge has observations towers on both ends. You can climb up the towers and get the better view of the alps.




Getting there:
About 9 minutes’ walk from JR Toyama Station North Gate.

4. Visit the World’s Most Beauty Starbucks
Located by the canal at Fugan Unga Kansui Park, and this has got to be the most breath-taking Starbucks. WHY? Because it has a beautiful architecture where the store is filled with glass windows to allow the natural sunlight entering. Also, it is blessed with the stunning view of the Alps as the background which is so unreal! You may not able to see it very clearly from the photos as I dropped by at noon, the brightest and hottest time during the day that has shielded away the beauty of the alps.






The Starbucks is very full. I would say, full of tourists from all over the world. The queue for drinks alone was extremely long. It will be quite difficult to secure a nice seat to enjoy. do spare some time if you wish to sit down and enjoy the view.

Getting there:
About 15 minute’s walk from Toyama Station or 10 minutes’ walk from Intekku Honsha-mae Station

Starbucks Coffee Toyama Kansui Park
Toyama, Minatoirifunecho 5, Toyama Fugan Canal Kansui Park
opens from 8am to 10.30pm

5. Eat Sushi in Toyama
This is the MUST DO while you are in Toyama – eat sushi!
We entered this local’s favourite casual sushi restaurant that is located just right opposite the JR Toyama Station. There are 2 floors in this premise with table seating at the top floor and conveyor belt dining on the first floor. It offers fresh seasonal goods at the affordable price, whereby they get the fresh ingredients daily, every morning from the port. This place also offers 18 kinds of local sake for you to choose from, to go along with sushi.




The staff knows very minimal English language but don’t worry, simple English menu is available. Of course, try to learn some name of the fishes so that get to order and enjoy them






Jewel of Toyama


and made into this. (sorry, colour is out because I used the wrong mode for shooting)


There is even a huge mock sushi displayed at the JR station itself. You can see how famous is Toyama Sushi!

Getting there:
About 1 minutes’ wallk from Dentetsu Toyamaeki ESTA-mae

Kaiten Toyama Sushi
1-4-9 Sakura-machi, Toyama City
Opens from 11.30am till 10pm

6. Chill with a soft serve at FERVER
With ¥600, you will get to enjoy the soft serve at this classy ambience. Just something I need after a long walk from the canal.



Getting here:
Located just right at Toyama Station

FERVER Toyama Ekimae
1-227 Meirincho, Toyama 930-0001, Toyama Prefecture

7. Buy Omiyage from Toyama
Never leave Toyama without some souvenirs; there are a lot to shop over here!



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