5 Things You Must Have For Your Vacation

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Who doesn’t like the sound of a vacation? Hardly anyone we presume. Giving yourself some much deserved time from the daily monotony of routine and just relaxing. Now, even the best of vacations have the tendency of going horribly wrong like you forgetting to pack your lenses, or forgetting your toiletries kit back home. Whether you are a seasoned traveler or a novice first timer, it definitely helps to have a rundown of things you want to pack for your vacation to avoid any complications on your trip. Below is a list of 5 must have things that you should always pack on your vacations:

1. Choose your luggage type:
However your travel requirements will be, keeping a lightweight, versatile luggage is helpful for more reasons than one. Travelling with a luggage that causes you more harm than any good is a no-brainer. Well, no one actually goes for a faulty piece of luggage but cheap quality luggage will come with faults like a bad zipper, unsteady wheels and handles etc. There is, however, a way to ensure that you pick a good luggage to store your essentials. The idea is to understand your traveling and packing needs.

• Duffel bags:
These are a good option for someone who doesn’t like carrying a lot of weight on their journey. You can sling a duffel on your shoulder, put some wheels on it and be on your merry way.

• Travel backpack:
These are for people who want to avoid carrying the weight of wheels on their back and have hands free mobility along with versatility.

• Rolling luggage:
A rolling luggage is a feasible option for when you are travelling within city limits. There is not much need for backpacks and duffels if all you will be tackling is roads and sidewalks.

• Wheeled backpack:
If your journey involves you getting on a variety of terrains.


2. Pack your toiletries:
A given rule of thumb for all packers is to pack your toiletry kit first. Why? Because more times than often, people tend to leave their toiletries kit behind thinking they would pack it for last and don’t realize it until it’s too late. Your basic toiletry kit should include the following things:
• Dental kit comprising of toothpaste, toothbrush, mouthwash and floss.
• Your hair kit including hair combs, brush, bobby pins, barrettes, shampoos and conditioners.
• Facial kit with sunscreen, scrub, lip balms and face wash.
• Contacts case with extra contacts and solution.
• Any kind of prescription and medication drugs that you may need.
• Extras like shaving kits, razors, make up kits in case of women, facial tissues, cologne and perfumes.

3. Travel Document Organizer:
A Travel Document organizer is a must-have for any traveler before stepping out for a vacation. Have a document organizer handy and gather all your documents together. If you are on the lookout for the best places around the world to go for a vacation, then look no further than www.bargainhuntersblog.com, a leading online journal for all your travelling tips and travel destinations. If you are still unsure of what to pack, then there is a precise checklist to help you better:
• First and foremost, your passport and visas.
• Personal ID’s or student ID cards.
• Cash and Credit cards. It’s imperative to call your bank and credit card company before you leave for your journey.
• Health Insurance documents
• Travel Insurance
• Emergency contacts and numbers
• Plane and transportation tickets
• Reservations and itineraries
• Copies of all major documents you might need in case the originals get lost.

4. Packing Organizer:
Whether you are going on a short trip or a long one, it’s better to keep a packing organizer for all your trips. Keeping your stuff organized with packing organizers will not only help you identify your things but also help arrange your clothing so they can be compressed and arranged together to fit in your luggage. This way you won’t have to spend time packing and unpacking things once you get to your hotel and can quickly unpack by sliding your packing organizers. The market is filled with different kind of packing organizers to choose from. “Folders” are great for keeping your clothes folded and net whereas “compression sacs” and “cubes” are best to reduce the volume of your clothing items like sweaters, jackets etc.

5. Carry-on bag:
A carry-on bag can be a lifesaver for when you are traveling. It’s always a good idea to have one to keep basic essentials like a ready to go outfit and some toiletries. If your luggage is lost and has no alternative for your luggage, a carry-on bag in a scenario like this can be a lifesaver. Remember to keep this bag ultra-light as you will be carrying it everywhere you go. A small day backpack goes great as your personal carry-on bag.

So there you have the 5 must-have essentials for all your vacationing needs. Have these in handy for your next journey to avoid a hassle-free trip.

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