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When it comes to ISETAN the Japan Store KL, I believe everyone surely think that it’s a very high end place with museum-only-goods on the shelves. Due to its branding concept, many sure think you cannot find any affordable stuff over here.

But guess what??? Actually there is, something very affordable where you can have it few times a week if you are thinking to go for a lux but pocket friendly meal.


Dashi Dining Saya

Managed under the umbrella of Asmo Catering which is a diversified group in Japan with F&B business in Taiwan and Hong Kong. Dashi Dining Saya finds that Japanese food here in Malaysia is limited to sushi, sashimi and ramen; hence, they decided to bring in the Japanese dining culture to Malaysia and introducing the authentic home-cooked dishes to Japanese food lovers.




We were introduced with Dashi in the very first place by Shimizu-san. Dashi だし is a kind of Japanese stock or broth that is made from konbu (dried kelp), bonito flakes (dried and smoked skipjack tuna that is shaved into very thin flakes, iriko or niboshi (anchovies/sardine), or combination of all or two of them. It is very essential in Japanese cooking and often used as the base for miso soup, clear broth, broth for simmering purpose, chawanmushi and many other dishes; creates a special umami flavour in the dishes, that very unique flavour that your savoury receptors will respond to it.

Dashi Dining Saya uses only Japanese rice in their dishes. Diners may choose the right amount of rice based of personal preference and tummy’s capacity to avoid wastage. Rice set here will be served with small portion of rice, which is 200g. Top up a small amount of charges if you need bigger portion: medium (250g + Rm 2), large (300g + Rm 3).


Take Set (Rm 38)
Consists of Fried chicken “Saya style”, Tofu and kinoko mushroom with dashi sauce, Hokkaido Beef Croquette, Grilled mackerel with eryngi mushroom “Saya style”, Japanese traditional stew “Chikuzenni” and Tomato with Dashi ginger; served with rice and miso soup. Everything was presented prettily, fine and served in a bento way. Tastewise, every small dishes in this set was amazing. The fried chicken aka karaage “Saya style” was made to a finger’s licking good moment, with a beautiful crisp; Japanese traditional stew “Chikuzenni” gave me a homey feel.








Ume Set (Rm 32)
Mackerel simmered in miso, Japanese traditional stew “Chikuzenni”, Chicken meatball Hamburger, Tomato with “Dashi” Ginger; served with rice and miso soup. Love that mackerel that was simmered in miso, it was very flavourful and that mild saltiness from the miso paste brought out the sweetness of the fish.






Oden or Japanese stew; with ingredients such as radish, egg, fish sausage, fish paste, konjac, daikon (white radish) that is boiled together in a pot of seasoned fish broth. Shimizu-san jokingly named this as Japanese style yong taufu. It was richly flavoured. Love the oden made here! I have to say they make the best oden in KL!!! All of them were absorbed with the savoury flavour especially the daikon that was very juicy and smooth, melted right on the palate and released all its umami-rich juice to every single taste buds. Priced at Rm 2 each which fish sausage is priced at Rm 3.



Chazuke or ochazuke お茶漬け is a simple Japanese dish made by pouring the tea over the cooked rice that filled with savoury toppings. Rice with Hot Dashi Soup Grilled Salmon & Salmon Roe (Rm 31). Mix up and the rice and try on before adding the tea. You will be able to taste 2 kind of fresh distinctive flavours pre and post additional of tea to the rice. Remember to add in the sesame, chopped spring onions and wasabi to zest up this rice dish!





You may also take away these home cook fares from the Dashi Dining Delica corner. There is an array of dishes displayed at the counter. Just point out what you love to take away and the staff will pack accordingly. Too many choices to choose?! Always ask for recommendation. Onigiri is available too! Next time I gotta try out their onigiri, miss those from convenient store in Japan very much.




Sweet Potato with Lemon Sauce (Rm 5/ 100g)
Sweetest sweet potato brilliantly infused with lemon sauce to create the sweet and zesty starter, which was very appetizing


Tomato with Apple Sauce (Rm 4)
Had another helpings of this because I need this beauty food so much; huge and rich in vitamins and very nutritious. The apple sauce was jelly-liked with tangy sourish flavour; pairing well with the peeled tomato.


Grilled Mackerel with Grated Daikon (Rm 9)
Such a huge piece of fish with generous servings of daikon at this low price! This dish was doubled with natural sweetness, from both the mackerel and daikon; succulent and fresh.


Affordable, beautiful and wholesome bento set

Dashi Dining Saya
The Market, Isetan The Japan Store,
Lower Ground, Lot 10,
50, Jalan Bukit Bintang,
Bukit Bintang,
55100 Kuala Lumpur

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