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Ahhh, Friday long lunch break! Something I have been looking forwards since Monday. As always, Friday is a day that makes a new start of my life, ah well… resting the soul after a long week of work.

I had my bff colleague out for lunch today. Coincidently, it’s the White V Day too! Decided to go for a lavish lunch but there aren’t many choices around here in Port Dickson other than those common franchise restaurants. Glad to find that there is a Japanese restaurant at Waterfront Port Dickson and we went in without hesitation.


Matsu Japanese Restaurant has a sister outlet in Seremban, S2; but I have never tried it out before. The menu they offer is quite an extensive one; too many choices and we had difficulties in choosing them…


Soft Shell Crab Salad (Rm 14.8)
Mix salad with deep fried soft shell crab and served with house’s miso dressing. A refreshing appetizer to kick starts our meal.


Los Angeles (Rm 24.8)
California Maki with slices of Cheese and topped with Unagi and finished with a dash of Tobiko. The simple California roll with the unagi piece has nothing to shout out about, but the addition the slice of slightly burnt cheese twisted the flavour as it gave the creaminess and richness to the maki roll.



Chirashi Don Mix Sashimi (Rm 29.8)
Filled with slices of sashimi slices, tamago and beancurd and served on a bed of rice with sprinkles of black and white sesame. Good but not the best as we found that the sashimi weren’t really succulent, the salmon sashimis were simply the best of all.


Tastewise, it was okay but there is better one in city. Pricewise, it’s like the city’s standard, not cheap. Guess it’s because of the touristy spot?! Ah well, at least there is an option to hang out on Friday long break and when the cravings come.

Happy White Valentine’s Day, People!

Matsu Japanese Restaurant
Persiaran Waterfront,
Port Dickson Waterfront,
71000 Port Dickson.

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