Xian Ding Wei Taiwanese Xpress 鲜定味台湾快餐 @ Sg. Wang

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We seldom come over here; therefore, we always find it hard to think of what to have for lunch. Since there are few unfamiliar restaurants stood on the newly renovated area at the IT level, we randomly picked one for a try.


Xian Ding Wei Taiwanese Express 鲜定味台湾快餐 is under the same management of Xian Ding Wei Taiwanese Tea Room @ Sunway Pyramid and One Utama.



On beverages, we had Champagne Pearl Milk Tea 香槟珍珠奶茶 in blue and the Honey Dew Pearl Milk Tea 月世界珍珠奶茶 in green, priced at RM 3.90 each. It was a bad choice to opt for the champagne flavour as it had the awful powdery weird taste. Ewwwww….. Those selling in pasar malam taste 10 times nicer!!!

On our main courses, we opt for the set meals that sound worthy for us.

The choices of the main courses are such as chicken, boneless chunky pork, prawn, sliced beef, fish fillet, seafood (squid/mussel). You can choose your favourite cooking methods – sweet&sour, three varieties supreme brown sauce, tomato sauce with egg, honey sauce or salt & pepper.


Chicken with Three Varieties Supreme Brown Sauce a.k.a. Three Cups Chicken 台湾三杯鸡套餐 (RM 13.90) was on the sweeter side. Not the best i had before, of course.


Boneless Chunky Pork in sweet & sour sauce (RM 14.90糖醋汁猪排套餐 was quite glue-y


Squids in Salt & Pepper 盐酥中卷 (RM 13.90) – the fried squids were good but a bit dry and not too crunchy after some times.


From the set, you can choose to have either rice or porridge. the above is the sweet potato porridge 地瓜粥 came with large orangey sweet potato.


The set meals come with soup of the day and side dishes of the day.


Taiwan-Style Sweet Potato Ball 台湾地瓜球 (RM 5.90) was deep fried into larger than the golf ball shape and it was very mochi-liked. It was very chewy in the middle and with a hint of sweet potato taste. Well, I still prefer the one from Petaling Street that deep fried with real sweet potato ‘flesh’!!!

16april10 xiandingwei taiwanese-1

US… We miss you, Yen 🙂

Tastewise, well, you can tell from the above.

This is based on our personal dining experience. If you think that they have already improved or there are some other specialties that I should try, do pen down and let me know ^^

Xian Ding Wei Taiwanese Express
Sg. Wang Plaza

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10 thoughts on “Xian Ding Wei Taiwanese Xpress 鲜定味台湾快餐 @ Sg. Wang”

  • Oh nice place with nice environment.. prices are affordable too. 🙂 Eyeing the sweet potato porridge now. hehe

  • witch,
    prices are reasonable but tastewise… ermmmm…….

    not too good but i guess the others such as their tea house in sunway and one U seems much much better.

    yaaaaa but tastewise, fong lye's one is better

  • i havent even tried the 1u outlet before. some people told me it was not worth trying. my mom just cooked sweet potato and chicken drumstick porridge for me few days ago too *proud*

  • uli,
    em… so so only.

    yea, i reckon the outlet in one U and sunway namely tea house is more pricey than this Xpress house.
    kaka, mum's cook always best!!! 🙂

  • Ah, got express in Sg. Wang. I only see the more expensive version in Pyramid 2 and 1 Utama. Don't dare to try, look so high class. Hard on my wallet :p Maybe express I can try but I rarely step foot in Sg. Wang sigh.

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