Malaysia International Fireworks Competition

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Oh-oh… I have not posted for some times. Back on post again. This time is not about food but…The FIREWORKS!

Yep, we (me, Ken, Yan and How; and ken’s friends) went all the way to Putrajaya yesterday to watch the Malaysia International Fireworks Competition (MIFC). It was Australia team on competition. We reached there at about 9.40pm. Me and Yan kinda worried about the weather which was very cloudy (and it rained before) and we won’t be able to arrive on time and… anyway, we made ourselves on time to watch the 20mins show. We actually didn’t pay to buy any tickets but…


Parked the car at the road side and watched the Fireworks under the bridge.

What we could view was rather small and without music (of course) and here are some ‘selected-nicely’ photos I managed to capture. i took a hard time to capture these as my hand shocked all the time. They would be much better if the camera stand was around.

This looked like bunga jejarum (I think so, deno what the name of the flower)

Love this the most among all~

The show ended with this and it was really a nice one.

And in the end~ *Honk-Honk* we were stuck in the traffic after 10.20pm and guess what? I reached home at 12.40am in spite of just the half an hour journey from Putrajaya back to Cheras. Anyhow it was a worth to go all the way to watch the show (if you are not afraid of the traffic jam). XD

PS~ thanks, ken, for ajak-ing and taking us to Putrajaya.

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9 thoughts on “Malaysia International Fireworks Competition”

  • whoa… so beautiful.. did u zoom to take those pics? Very nice! I can’t wait to go watch! but my mood is affected when i thought of the congested traffic!! still worth it i guess! They put up a good show rite?

  • wow, that looks nice! nice shots! i guess u guys really enjoyed it!! how’d u know about this event?

  • wow, that looks nice! nice shots! i guess u guys really enjoyed it!! how’d u know about this event?

  • wow, that looks nice! nice shots! i guess u guys really enjoyed it!! how’d u know about this event?

  • first thx ken for waiting me tis uncle and willing to take us go there….. realli appreciate…. nice guy….
    erm,,, i felt the fireworks are not bad…. definately worth to see…. its maybe once in a life-time experience…. but advise ppl not to go down the bridge(close to the river),, coz there’re trees blocking the view….^^

  • leng~ i have to zoom to capture these cz we were standing too far away from the convention centre. how is it? did you got your tickets for 30th aug? how i wish i can go on 30th!

    wenching~ thanks. i got to know about this event on newspaper. you both should go and have a look. really nice but beware of the traffic. kekeke

    reno @ kokhow right?~ haha, have to thank ken for taking us there. really nice. hope to hang out with u and yan again ^^ both of you are really sweet.

  • leng~ really got the tickets? well, that day i think i will stay at home.. aw…
    must enjoy the show ya. take more pictures ^.^

    kokhow~ hello, know it was you. no prob, next time we lepak together. *hehehe*

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