Happy New Year…

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Happy New Year to everyone. ^^

A new year has come. It’s year 2006 now and no more year 2005.
I was kind of enjoying the celebration with my friends during New Year eve. It was fun and great. As for me, that was the first time ever I celebrate the eve with that lots of people at this public area. Snow sprayings were every where! I admitted that I could not stand the smell of the foam. However, it was only once a year, let’s forgive it. ^^

That was fun! 10 of us were heading from BB plaza to sg. Wang and then to Lot 10. People were shoving and pushing. It was hard to make your way pass in the crowd. People stepped on you. When I was home, I realized that the skins of my shoes were torn a little. This pair of shoes was new. Heart broken. Luckily, I still can wear it. In the middle of the crowd, we had to hold hands and stick together to get pass the way. People were pushing at the back and I had to hold myself for not pushing my friends in the front. Tough huh. Anyway, that was a very good experience. Hope we can still celebrate this event together.

However, I am kind of envy one of my primary friends (you know who you are, ha-ha). You know what? She was sitting comfortably at Tiffin Bay (a lounge cum bar) with her friend. Oh my. Tiffin Bay is really a nice hang out place. The cakes are delicious and there are more mouth-watering cookies and chocolates, the drinks are juicy and the atmosphere is so great that you would want to sit there for a whole day! Soft music is playing and the lights go dims when the night falls. From inside of the lounge, you can see the view of KL. Especially at night, when lights are on at the surrounded building, you will truly fall in love with it. I’ve been there once. It was with my primary friend, ching. We were there after shopping and choosing a precious birthday present for another best friend of us, fang. It was happened on last Wednesday. I ordered a strawberry cake and raspberry and rosehip tea while ching ordered a chocolate fudge cake and passion fruits smoothies. Yummy! Well, I must say that, once your were there, you will truly fall in love with this place. Let’s go and find it out yourself! Of course, I would like to go there again but ching will be going back to UK on this coming Friday. Sob Sob. Time goes fast. Wish I can go there with you when you are back in KL again. Anyway, whoever want to go Tiffin Bay and need accompany, you can find me. ^^
I’d love to go there with you guys, just call me.
I’m truly in love with Tiffin Bay!

Okay, once again, I want to wish all of you happy New Year! Muacks…

A new year
A new life
A new style
A brand new me.

P.S: I am listening to Lee Hom’s new song, Kiss Goodbye while typing this post. Nice song.

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  • happy new year 2006! yeah, gotta agree that tiffin bay’s a great place, love at first sight. had a great time with u last wednesday 🙂 dont worry, i’ll be back in june, like u said, time flies, we’ll be able to see each other by then. friendship forever, cheers!!

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