Gangnam 88 Korean Restaurant @ Solaris Mont Kiara, KL


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Opppsss, sorry, am not showing the butt to you.

Okayyy, I am too hooked up into Korean drama lately; especially there is one which is quite hit.
So, allow me to loss my mind a little while and follow me on a Korean food and pork journey. Yes… got pork.

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Palsaik Korean BBQ @ Soho KL, Solaris Mon’t Kiara


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Let’s the oink oink journey continues…
I hope I din overdose you guys with too much pork here. But I just can’t wait to share more of my porky journey and this is quite a new restaurant in KL.

So, this round, let’s follow me to explore the oink oink in Asian flavour. Contunue Reading

Dakgalbi Land @ Ampang


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Phewww… after a short holiday (huhu, I wish for a longer one) and the very important mission that happened last weekend, finally I get to touch my laptop and pen down a few words for a new post. What’s for today?! Let’s go for Korean food!


Aside from the infamous Uncle Jang that serves Dak Galbi, I discovered another one that serves really good Dak Galbi which I find it very much better than the previous one – Dakgalbi Land. Located in Ampang and opens up for business roughly 3 months ago, this is a no frill restaurant manned by the friendly and lovely Korean family and they greeted us warmly once we entered. The interior was simple and young, plastered with K-Pop posters everywhere and there is a tv showing the latest K-Pop MVs.

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Seoul Korea @ Taman Danau Desa, KL


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Alright, some backlog post today.
Well, no exactly a backlog post as I visited again not long ago.

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Like Mom Korean Cafe @ Plaza Damas, Hartamas


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Like Mom is a cute Korean café, run by a pair of friendly Korean couple; offering gourmet coffee, homemade bread and pastries. The décor inside the café is simple but homey, with beautiful decorative tea cups all over the café (I almost wanted to spend on the tea cups). The ingredients they used in the cooking and baking are natural and free from preservatives. Freshly roasted coffee beans are imported from Korea on weekly basis. I would say, they cook the meals with sincere hearts. Contunue Reading

Namoo on the Park @ Publika


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Okay, I am so out, really outdated type. My friends asked if I know about the Gangnam Style which was really a hit lately?!

My answer: I have no idea at all! *lost in touch with connection for days resulted this*


Under the influences of K-pop culture, Namoo on the park is nowadays hot topic too, I guess?! Contunue Reading

Hong Park Sa Korean Restaurant @ Ampang


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Korean food is not just about kimchi, bibimbap, tteokbokki, and Korean barbeque. There are actually more than those – such as Dak Galbi and Samgyetang, these are also the popular dishes among the Koreans.


Samgyetang or literally translates as “ginseng chicken soup” is one of the specialties in Hong Park Sa, an authentic Korean restaurant that is located in the Ampang. Normally, Koreans consume this traditional dish in the summer for its nutrients, which is to replenish the energy and excessive sweating during the hot summers.


hong park sa

Just like the usual Korean restaurants, we were served with a variety of banchan before the main courses. The kimchi is served in a huge pot; just slice them into pieces – big or small based on your preference with the pair of scissors provided. Contunue Reading

Uncle Jang Korean Restaurant @ Ampang


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Remember I told you guys I had a fiery dinner before the “monopoly mission” in Nabe Bakery?!


Thanks to Chris who discovered this restaurant from Uncle Jang‘s Facebook page. Together with kampungboycitygal, we were brought for an interesting but fiery dinner. haha… 

Uncle Jang serves Dak Galbi (닭갈비); which is originated from Chun Cheon, Gangwon province. It is a popular south Korea dish that made by stir-frying the marinated diced chicken in Korean chilli paste (gochujang) based sauce, sliced cabbage, sweet potatoes, scallions, onions and tteok (rice cake) on a hot plate. In Korea, their Dak Galbi also includes cheese and ham. 

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