Our Coffee o’Clock @ Like Mom Korean Café, Plaza Damas


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Continue with my overdosed weekend, with the BFFs, this is an impromptu plan to revisit this sweet Korean café in Plaza Damas. After our lunch at Uokatsu (my favourite place for homey Japanese food), we checked out around for coffee and finally settled down at this place.


Like Mom Korean Cafe

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Wow Korean Fried Chicken @ Desa Sri Hartamas, KL


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Fried chicken and beer again. Anyone??? It’s in KL this round!!!

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Kko Kko Nara 꼬꼬나라 @ Tras Street, Singapore


Category : Korean Food, Singapore

Photos by Samsung Galaxy S5


Korean Fried Chicken and beer! Hands up, anyone??? Contunue Reading

Mr. Lim Korean BBQ @ Desa Sri Hartamas, KL


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Lalalala, its Korean time!

Oppps, pardon me, I might have too much of Korean and Japanese food this round. But I just can’t help myself hunting after them.

After a long wait, these couples, KBCG and CC finally spared some times to me. We were supposed to hop over WOW Korean Chicken for fried chicken and beer. But they are closed on Sundays :( . With the help of a friend, we were introduced to this.


Mr. Lim Korean BBQ

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Sae Ma Eul BBQ (새마을 BBQ) @ Solaris Mon’t Kiara, KL


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Aside from steamboat like Steamboat Letien and Bone & Pot, what is great after the rain??? Call for Korean BBQ!!! Contunue Reading

Gangnam 88 Korean Restaurant @ Solaris Mont Kiara, KL


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Opppsss, sorry, am not showing the butt to you.

Okayyy, I am too hooked up into Korean drama lately; especially there is one which is quite hit.
So, allow me to loss my mind a little while and follow me on a Korean food and pork journey. Yes… got pork.

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Palsaik Korean BBQ @ Soho KL, Solaris Mon’t Kiara


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Let’s the oink oink journey continues…
I hope I din overdose you guys with too much pork here. But I just can’t wait to share more of my porky journey and this is quite a new restaurant in KL.

So, this round, let’s follow me to explore the oink oink in Asian flavour. Contunue Reading

Dakgalbi Land @ Ampang


Category : Ampang, Korean Food

Phewww… after a short holiday (huhu, I wish for a longer one) and the very important mission that happened last weekend, finally I get to touch my laptop and pen down a few words for a new post. What’s for today?! Let’s go for Korean food!


Aside from the infamous Uncle Jang that serves Dak Galbi, I discovered another one that serves really good Dak Galbi which I find it very much better than the previous one – Dakgalbi Land. Located in Ampang and opens up for business roughly 3 months ago, this is a no frill restaurant manned by the friendly and lovely Korean family and they greeted us warmly once we entered. The interior was simple and young, plastered with K-Pop posters everywhere and there is a tv showing the latest K-Pop MVs.

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