FlameHill BBQ @ Bandar Mahkota Cheras


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Golek… golek… golek…

Fancy BBQ but you hate flipping the BBQ skewers all the time?!
Hehe, here is where you should head over because there is this auto skewer machine that will help you with the chores and on and off counter-checked by the staff to assure skewers are ready to be eaten.

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Yen’s Tea Party Bridal Shower @ Le Moon, Jade Hill


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Throw confetti!!!

Yay! 成功 ♥

Two years ago we threw her a bridal shower and last year, it was a special project for her.
So this year, my third time getting involved in planning and organizing bridal shower. It was always the fun and happy one, seeing the girls having a great time get-together and showering our best wishes to the bride-to-be.


Set the alarm and don’t be late on the day.
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Le Moon’s Eatery. Bakery. Zakka @ Jade Hills, Kajang


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Hoho, Kajang has got a new place to chill out!


Right inside the Jade Hill Township, just before entering the Jade Hill Residences; here is this sweet building that is painted in a refreshing minty green that one wouldn’t miss eyeing on it. Contunue Reading

Siaw Kah Restaurant 萧家辣汤 @ Sg. Chua, Kajang


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Like what I have said earlier, Kajang is not just about the satay, there are a lot other good food around such as HK style chee cheong fun and the best char siew fan (barbecued pork rice) which can be found in Kajang wet market; and also this great piping hot pot of gem – the Hot Soup, 辣汤 or the lat tong.


Mr. Siaw Kek Kwee, the founder of Siaw Kah Restaurant is generous to share his secret family recipes with all of us. Therefore, we get to enjoy their lip smacking hot soup at a very affordable price.


The signature – Siaw Kah Spicy Hot Soup 萧家辣汤 (RM 20; RM 10 per portion) Contunue Reading

Food Crawl: Kajang Town


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Satay satay satay,
that’s what People think Kajang is famous for. In fact, I don’t find Kajang satay (or satay in Kajang) is nice. The one in Cheras Batu 11 tastes far better than Satay Kajang.

Ever since she is married to Kajang, I am brought over to explore this kajang town. Traffic congested little town; hidden here were lots of good food to be discovered, especially those located behind the Kajang wet market. Old Man Restaurant used to be around but it has shifted to a new, brightly lit shop in Bandar Baru Bangi/Kajang.

Let’s check out what are the good stuff you could dig into…


1# HK style Chee cheong fun



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Old Man Restaurant 老吔海鲜饭店 @ Bandar Baru Bangi / Kajang


Category : Chinese Food, Kajang

I am really happy to have these 2 Kajang “worms” as my food buddies – Chris&Christine. I know nothing about Kajang besides Kajang satay, satay and just satay. Glad to have them around, this time they brought me to this Old Man’s Place… 

Oooops, not owned by a really old man, but well… that’s the name for the restaurant. 


Old Man Restaurant serves Chinese fares. and their specialty was featured in local programme Ho Chak! before


Menu on the wall.


Superior Fried Rice with Tobikko 食神炒饭
This is their specialty and was featured in Ho Chak! before. Really unique type of seafood fried rice with lots of seafood chunks in it and garnished with ebikko. Additianal of ebikko gives the crunchiness to the fried rice. A word ‘Fresh’, i would describe it. 

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