Cooling Cendol @ Haji Shariff’s Cendol, Seremban


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Thirst quencher on the hot and humid days Contunue Reading

Yong Tau Foo & Hakka Mee @ Restoran Melido 美丽都茶餐室, Seremban


Category : Chinese Food, Hawkers, Noodles, Seremban


Aside from Tow Kee for hakka mee (well, their opening time is always in the afternoon which I don’t get to meet them, everytime), here is another place I frequent the most for the hakka mee and a very affordable yong tau foo. Under the roof of Restoran Melido or only Lido (if you see their old sign board up on the wall), there are a variety of hawker type food for you to choose from. Contunue Reading

Curry Leaf Restaurant @ Jalan Rasah, Seremban


Category : Banana Leaf Rice, Indian Food, Seremban

Photos by iPhone 4

Last Thursday, I suggested to my colleagues that we shall have the very last banana leaf rice meal at our favourite spot on Monday (which is today). But hell no. We received a call on Friday morning and asked us to report to our new places immediately. It was like ASAP!!! Panic attacked and our last banana leaf rice lunch was then gone.

banana leaf


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Seremban; the town of Siew Pau


Category : Bakery, Seremban

Some said this is good; some said that is better.
Well, I say, judging which Siew Pau is good is very subjective.
Some love it thinner.
Some love it crunchier
Some love it juicier

As for me, I prefer my Siew Pau to be juicier inside, filled with generous amount of BBQ pork and thinner and crispy on the pastry.


1# Seremban Siew Pau; or also known as the Empayar Siew Pau


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Tow Kee Hakka Mee 滔记客家面店 @ Seremban


Category : Chinese Food, Hawkers, Seremban

towkee (4)-2

Something simple but truly satisfying one, shall we?!

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