5 MUST EAT in Bandar Bukit Puchong


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The buddy knows that I will always sleep up to noon time on the only rest day. So the buddy decided to kick of my bad habit by alluring me with food. When I hear food, everything will just cross out of my mind, including the precious – sleep.

So, the buddy then brought me over to explore Bandar Bukit Puchong for a food trip having heard that there are a few good stuffs to try. We also stumbled upon this new township and checked out at the sales gallery.

Little did I know, Bandar Bukit Puchong, used to be a plantation estate but has developed into a beautiful yet convenient township that provides a top notch living to people in this area. There are various projects ongoing projects in this BP Newtown, such as this stunning Epic Residence that is newly developed by Bukit Hitam Development Sdn Bhd (a member of the TAHPS Group Berhad). I noticed that there are ample parking spaces around, equipped with modern and chic design architecture and in this beautiful area, there are few hidden eateries that you must check it out.

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5 MUST EAT in Bandar Bukit Puchong

1. Warung Cikgu
Originated from Kelantan, Nasi Mmanggey the signature in Warung Chicken. It is actually what we normally seen and known as nasi kukus ayam berempah. This packet of rice dish is packed with fried chicken, sambal and steamed rice drenched with gulai ayam. Priced at Rm 5 per packet, additional charges for extra lauk (dishes). Give everything a stir and it turns out amazingly. The chicken is tender and crispy, dosed with quite a punch of marinade; and that sambal was ass-kicking! SO SEDAP!

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Ruk Mookata Thai Bar-B-Q @ Bandar Puteri Puchong


Category : BBQ, Puchong, Steamboat, Thai Food

Puchong is another food hub, a serious food hub where all the eateries are populated over here. The very first place I came across this area years back, I find Puchong is the place for steamboat; of those all-you-can-eat types of steamboat.


A latest addition to this food hub is thai style all-you-can-eat BBQ steamboat.
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Cerdito Restaurant @ Puchong


Category : Pork, Puchong, Western Food



Literally means little pig in Spanish; is an Iberico pork specialist that is located in Puchong Jaya, a busy hub that is filled with kopitiams and restaurants.
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Ground Eatery @ PFCC, Puchong


Category : Cafe, Desserts, Puchong


Café hopping, it has been a while; because there are countless of them out there to try out. Most of the café nowadays are very instagrammable, decorated prettily and every corner has got something to shout out about. Food wise, they will have something special in their menu, something that catches people’s heart to visit them.

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Penang One @ Bandar Puteri, Puchong


Category : Malaysian Food, Penang, Puchong, Street Food

Specially selected legendary street food of Penang and gather them under one roof, there comes the name…


Penang One

Used to be a few doors away from Alliance Bank Bandar Puteri Puchong, it has now relocated to a few rows of shop away from the previous premise for a larger dining area that caters more tables and seats. Few of my friends have tried the Penang One and urged that I should drop by if the craving suddenly hit on me. Penang food, yes, why not?! Contunue Reading

TiPsy Brew O’ Coffee @ Setia Walk, Puchong


Category : Cafe, Coffee, Desserts, Puchong


When it comes to single origin, my kopi kaki and I always love the cuppa from Await Café that comes really affordable. In order to expand our coffee list, we decided to explore a little further, for a fresh brew. And hence we were in… Contunue Reading

More in Umaiya @ IOI Bouvelard, Puchong Jaya


Category : Japanese Food, Puchong

After the little feast in Umai-ya (read my previous visit here), we returned for a greater feast (this was happened Last Month). This round, our mission was to eat up to RM 400 (on food) to get the RM 200 off from the total bill (beverages, desserts and taxes are not included. In the end, “Burrrrrpssss” were the only thing we managed to ‘speak’ out and we had to carry our fully-filled-stomach and walked out from Umai-ya. I was glad that we invited my aunt and her family along; or else, we would end up ‘burrrrrpingggg’ x 2!!!



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Umai-ya @ IOI Boulevard, Puchong Jaya


Category : Japanese Food, Puchong


The Vouchers were in my hand and they were near to their expiry date. I reserved a place and we drove over to Umai-ya Japanese Restaurant for a little feast


Eat up to RM 200 (on food) and enjoy RM 80 off.
Great deal it is! but beverages, desserts and taxes are not included.


Due to the volcano eruption in Iceland, fresh salmon from Norway was not able to arrive on our land. Hence, we didn’t get a chance to have salmon 🙁 Contunue Reading

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