ShenZhen09 Day 1 Dinner & Supper: AirAsia & 福建沙县小吃@益田村


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Back from Shen Zhen and I don’t wish to be home. Time was like fast-forwarding for me during the lovely home-stay in Shen Zhen. Well, I would never regret for cashing out my saving to purchase the air ticket and support myself with the limited pocket money.

Precious Pea has raved about Air Asia’s Pak Nasser Nasi Lemak and I decided to have a try.

The portion was rather small. It came with piping hot fragrant coconut rice, sambal, rendang chicken, boiled egg, peanuts and ikan bilis. I was happy with the pre-ordered system because they give priority and privileges for those who pre-order their meals online. Well, no waiting and no starving for me.

Due to the H1N1 problems that the world is facing now, we were not allowed to enter the airport hall once upon arrival. There were the Chinese health authorities with the masks came on board for the one-by-one passengers’ health and temperature checkups. This took about 30 minutes. Contunue Reading

Happy Dragon Boat Festival


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It is dragon boat festival again! Sadly, this year I am not able to celebrate this festival with my family. Thanks to the blogger. I can pre-schedule this post and let it to be published on the right time.

Mum will never disappoint me; she has made me some Crystal Zong Zi 水晶粽 and pre celebrate this festival with me before I am heading for my trip. Don’t have ‘ba chang’ this time; but I do have this crystal zong zi.

They are Soft and chewy. Though mum put in quite an amount of lye water, I don’t feel they are strong with lye water and alkaline taste. These Crystal Zong Zi are best compatible with the handmade kaya by mum. The Kaya is thick with the egg yolks and strong aroma of fresh blended and concentrated pandan juice.

This year, mum is not going to make any ba chang. Firstly, dad and bro don’t like glutinous rice. Secondly, I am away. No one is going to finish her ba chang without me as the family’s DBKL. Next, youngest bro is on his orthodontic braces where he is prohibited from taking chewy food. And finally, mum said making ba chang requires lots of hard work in processing from the raw material to the final product. Well, she has promised to make the Nyonya Zong Zi :)

Happy Celebration! ~

Click to view my previous year’s dragon boat festival celebration

Canton-i @ The Gardens


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I have not been up on blogging for quite a long time. Guess I have missed out a lot of stuff.
Firstly, have to wish WeiZhi a happy belated birthday. Secondly, gonna spare a little time to catch up with my favourite blogs! Ahh… too much reading to do~ anyhow, blog reading is always much much better than studying!

I am a little fed up with the swallowing-lecture-notes-and-books-and-vomiting-out-words-in-the-test-type of day and life. Although I have this ‘guilty’ feeling (due to the test in Fri and 2 more reports to be finished by Wed), I still want to spend a little time in blog-updating.

I always wished to try out the food in Canton-i after reading the reviews from other food blog. Finally, I have made myself there with WenChing from Sugar Bean months ago (hmmm, yeah, another dated post) for our dinner.

Canton-i which is owned by Dragon-I, has become the famous Chinese food chain around Klang Valley. This restaurant can definitely attract people for revisit with the elegant looking and modern oriental interior.

Contunue Reading



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大姨的酸菜肉丸带着另一番风味 Contunue Reading

Dain Ti Hill @ Pavillion KL


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Test and exam are killing.
Assignments are heart-stabbing.
Reports are troubling.
Lecture notes and books are distressing.

The only thing,
Food –
My best remedy.

That day,
I, with my best coupled-friend, Sugar Bean
In a sudden urge,
Wish for something luxury but inexpensive
Somewhere we could sit back and relax
Somewhere we could lavishly eat but pay less.

And, we hopped over to Dain Ti Hill 代官山 at Pavillion KL.

Sure you would react so…
Dain Ti Hill at Pavillion KL wor?!

That’s the answer from me.
Because, one of them holding the Citibank card.
Hence, we can enjoy a sumptuousness meal at 50% off. [thanks, WenChing]
(hmmm, I am not sure it is valid until when.)

Dain Ti Hill is glamorously decorated in magnificence way that is very attractive. And it could really draw your heart to pay another visit. Contunue Reading

Chong Qing Chicken Hot Pot @ Kuchai Maju


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I have heard a lot about Kuchai Maju area from WenChing and some TV programmes keep promoting the eateries at this area. Since then, this area becomes very hot and popular. Crowded sometimes and hardly could find a space for your lovely car.

Since there are many restaurants popping up in this area, I nagged WenChing out for a lunch with me. Here we were in Chong Qing Chicken Hot Pot located at Kuchai Maju area (always want to come here and finally here am I).

Look! This place is featured in HoChak before. There are stickers on the see through glass where chef was preparing the dishes.

Contunue Reading

Rootian Seafood Restaurant @ Langkawi Town


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Day 1 – 30 Dec 08 (Night)

After the short walk at the beach, we hold tight on our schedule and paid a visit to Langkawi’s Cable Car.

The cable car ride is priced at Rm 15 for those who hold while Rm 25 for those who are not.

Up we went~

Up up up, and we finally saw the sea.

Next destination — we headed up to the second stop where it connected to the bridge. What a magnificent structure, isn’t it?! Contunue Reading

Lok, Eat & Farewell


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February seems to be the month of everything. As Chinese, we have the 15 days of Chinese New Year (but only few days holiday. Sigh). For the love birds out there, you have Valentine’s Day, and also the Chinese Valentine’s Day which marked on the Day 15 of Chinese New Year (also Chap Goh Mei). Also, this is the month to farewell most my friends going to and back to Australia. I have bid farewell to Yen on Monday night and the other friend, Yee Meng from Surian gang.

As tradition, we would have farewell party to get-together before any of our friends leaving to further their studies in foreign country.

And this time, our friend’s parents were generously catered a Lok-Lok van to have a Lok-Lok dinner party in the house. Yes you see it. We could full up ourselves with unlimited of Lok-Loks. This time we had the Fatman Steamboat. It was very much different from my previous experience. There were more choices and wider range of food.

Here are some pictures which I could capture. aiks… sorry, I was busy feeding my stomach. But overall, the variety available was roughly the same as those appeared in my previous lok-lok experience.

Ap giok bao. That’s what the owner of this vendor told me.

Sticks of tako which were my favourite. The tako was well-seasoned in the very Japanese style and the size of each was big too!

Contunue Reading

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