The Palazzo @ Taman Segar, Cheras


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Tucked away in Taman Segar, Cheras (just right opposite the fire station) and I am pretty sure this is a hidden gem for the Cheras folks as well. I always passed by here and I thought, this is the usual place where people get their wine supplies. Little did I know, the Palazzo is more than just a winehouse.


The Palazzo

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Good Taste Rice & Noodle House 好味烧腊面饭店 @ Taman Anggerik, Cheras


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I like my bowl of wanton mee with noodles come thin and springy and topped with slices of thicker cuts pun fei sao char siu. This is what I hope for, as simple as that. After numerous visit to Hung Kee for wanton mee (both outlets), I find that they are already not up to my expectation. In search for a new place for a simple bowl of wanton mee, I have found one! Contunue Reading

Kanpai Japanese BBQ & Bar @ Taman Connaught, Cheras


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Ahha, a new face has just shown up in my neighbourhood and it’s a rare face (Japanese food, I mean) that would pop up here. Kanpai Japanese BBQ & Bar shows up here as a second outlet of theirs after the first one in Seri Petaling, an izakaya style Japanese place that serves not only yakiniku and yakitori, but also much-alike-homemade style dishes such as bento, nabe, curry rice and udon.

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Just Like It N2 Ice Cream @ Cheras Leisure Mall


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What’s for the crazy hot weather?!!!!

Scream for ICE CREAM!!!!


Chilling nitrogen gas, lab technicians all in lab coats, beakers, volumetric flasks…. Contunue Reading

Old Friends; Pre CNY Reunion


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What makes CNY comes best?!

A table full with scrumptious dishes, the smiles that everyone carries, the nonstop chit chat and updating each others, and the most important one, the reunion.

I wouldn’t say much about the dishes we have tried in Cheers Palace. We ordered the set that came with yee sang; the other dishes were pretty normal but the fish was good though. I was here for several times and I found that their dishes in a la carte menu are much better. Had their dim sum too, but I guess they have the price revised.

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Sweeds Cafe @ Taman Billion, Cheras


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Pockets turn dry and couldn’t afford a lavish western meal at the end of the month, especially the month with so many celebration and events to attend; let’s go for a simple and economy one.



Sweeds Café is the new face that popped up around Taman Billion (an area I would call it as economy steak house area); a casual dining café, serving the mouth watering dishes with the fuse of Western and Asian flavours. Their specialty would be their homemade sauces, namely white sauce, brandy sauce, garlic sauce and escargot sauce. Contunue Reading

Pork noodles 猪肉粉 @ Kedai Makanan dan Minuman Angsana, Taman Bukit Angsana


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Rise and shine!

It’s Sunday today, what’s on your breakfast or… brunch? How about a piping hot bowl of hearty Pork Noodles aka Chee Yoke Fun?

Hidden deep inside one of the Cheras neighbourhoods, this kopitiam is packed with patrons early in the morning. They are here for …


A bowl of pork noodles

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Meng Sang Seafood Restaurant 茗昌海鲜饭店 @ Taman Midah


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I have no idea since when Taman Midah has converted to a seafood hub. For just 5 mins drive from my place (yay! No need to travel far), I can get superb fresh seafood at an affordable price. In one taman midah itself, it hides 3 restaurants that selling seafood (I have discovered so far); 2 with source from bagan datoh and the others from pulau ketam. I have yet to try the one with source from pulau ketam, will soon head for it (Do wait for my review).

With the families, we were supposed to dine in Han Lim Seafood Restaurant, as it was a weekend night, the restaurant was very crowded. Hence, we had to take a Plan B for dinner. Driving round and round, we spotted Meng Sang Seafood Restaurant hidden under the tree and huge canopy.


Meng Sang Seafood Restaurant obtains their fresh seafood supply from the local waters – Bagan Datok. I must say, their seafood are very fresh too!


meng sang

Pick your seafood items to be done under the canopy. The person in charge will weight them and then send them into the kitchen and do it in the way you want. Contunue Reading

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