Zespri® Kiwifruit Tartlets; Weekend Baking Fun


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Yes, I just baked half dozen of tartlet to complete my 14 Days Zespri ® Kiwifruit Challenge. It was so fun to play around with Kiwifruits in meals and desserts. If I could spare more times in the kitchen, I would love to experiment more on savoury recipe with Zespri ® Kiwifruit. Too bad, time does not permitted me to do so during these 14 days, was already half dead after work. Contunue Reading

Light Honey Butter Cake; the comforting one


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When thing went so wrong last weekend (the thing was, I was tooooooo and extremely free, never had it before). I dived in to the kitchen and presented this out.


Light Honey Butter Cake

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Angry Bird Cupcake Class @ Cake Connection, Jaya One


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Do you angry bird???


Ever since I have my new phone with me, I’d actually angry bird very often. I meant, I play that game quite often. I will try to score as high as I can in order to get the 3 stars.


So, one day, an email just popped up from my mailbox. It was an invitation from Shyamala and Nancy from Cake Connection; invited me over to attend the angry bird cupcake class. I was delighted and overjoyed; but on the other hand, I was very nervous too! What if I clumsily messed up the place?! What if my fingers were not working?! What if the cutie angry birds turned out to be really ugly in my hands?! What if… lol, too many what if were in my mind before the class.




These are the angry birds fondant figurines and cupcakes made by the pretty instructor – Nancy. Aren’t these cuties colourful, attractive and pretty? We went ohh-ed and ahh-ed after these cuties once stepped into the classroom. Contunue Reading

Soft Pumpkin Cake 松软南瓜蛋糕


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I love to bake goodies that are simple, light and fluffy.
I love baked goodies that are made of natural ingredients; not with artificial flavouring or colouring. 
And this round, I chose to bake with pumpkin. Browsed through Table for 2 or… more and found this lovely recipe 😛

From the photos, it was looking sooooo fluffy and soft

And mine… 


Here!!! – The golden soft pumpkin cake


I too, used this recipe and turned it into Swiss-rolls and added in pumpkin puree and whipping cream as the filling. It turned out prettily in golden orangey colour that one couldn’t resist!


Best for perfect afternoon tea

Love it? Have a try 🙂

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Yogurt Sponge Cup Cakes


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It’s Party Time and i must say, this is best as the party’s desserts!!!


Yogurt Sponge Cup Cake

This is a very easy recipe that i came across from Sonia’s blog (Nasi Lemak Lover). It is very simple, easy and takes you less than an hour to do the things. The best thing is – The yogurt Sponge cake is extremely spongy, moist and fluffy!!! besides that, it is very light and soft, not oily and not overly sweet.


During this CNY, i baked 3 batches for family and friends. glad that they had nothing to complain about this 🙂

I love this recipe very much. After baking, the cake did shrink a little but it won’t collapse. It remained where it used to be.


I too decorated them with chocolate ganache and peach cuts (to attract the little cousin :P) Contunue Reading

Gong Xi Fai Cai & Happy V day!


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It is CNY lor!!!

As usual, I will be helping mum in the kitchen, baking our own home-baked CNY cookies for family and friends. And this round, I put on efforts to bake pineapple tarts.

We dislike pineapple jam that selling in packs, hence, we bought fresh pineapples and made our own fresh pineapple jam. Mum used up 2 hours ++ to do the Jam and refrigerated them. I then continued with the baking part using the pre-mixed pineapple cookies Mix (i know i am lazy…).


In the end, here are some of the Pineapple Tarts I managed 🙂
They aren’t too pretty but we love the fragrant buttery pastry and the juicy with a lil sourish homemade pineapple jam.


Here are some Pineapple Tarts recipe for try-outs:
Food 4 Thots
Almost Bourdain
My Kitchen Snippets

and it’s so rare that this year, CNY meets V-day!!!

Wishing all of you,

Happy Holiday and Have a Blast!~




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It was one of my best-ies, ting’s Birthday last week

I ‘wisely’ spent some of my brain cells to plan something for her, specially.
I ‘quietly’ arranged myself to be at the mid of her party (thanks to AT for helps and arrangement).
I specially bake her something for her special big day.


This is the one — Tinkie&i
And I have TM-ed it with Tinkie&i.


On the pre-birthday party, i baked too as well as experiment on Tinkie&i.
It tasted good, creamy and velvety but I still have to work hard to improve it. ><


Happy Birthday to ting, and welcome to Club-24 😛

The soft & fluffy Pandan Chiffon Cake


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This is a recipe given by my aunt. Mum and I experimented on it and did a lil’ change to this recipe. Well, it turns out to be superb after the changes. The Pandan Chiffon Cake is very ‘pandan-ry’ in flavour; the texture is extremely soft and fluffy.

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