Kko Kko Nara 꼬꼬나라 @ Tras Street, Singapore


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Photos by Samsung Galaxy S5


Korean Fried Chicken and beer! Hands up, anyone??? Contunue Reading

Chye Seng Huat Hardware @ Singapore


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Photos by Samsung Galaxy S5 & Lumix LX7

Suddenly I have too much to talk about but I have no idea where to start. Perhaps I should come up with this one, my very recent visit to our neighbour country, Singapore.


Many have talked about this. Hence, I decided to take my friend, hop on the train and travel down the Lavender Station straightaway after we reached Singapore with the blurry mind. Ahhhaa, time for coffee! Contunue Reading

Awfully Chocolate; the sweet supper


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The month of April was a painful one, filled with a few unhappy moments and unfortunate events. I just hope the blue will go away and everyone will stay happy and live healthy. So, let the sweet one starts in May. Let’s have something sweet then!


Singaporeans are blessed with a lot of good desserts around such as cakes, pastries and ice cream. That is why I can see that they love hanging out and having supper in the dessert house/café. When in Rome, do as the Romans do. So, I too, had my supper in by ninethirty by Awfully Chocolate during my visit to Singapore.

DSC_1392 Contunue Reading

Penny University; not quite a university it is


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Let’s get the bag packed and heads off to the lecture hall in the university.

But hmmm… where is the aromatic coffee scent from?! Contunue Reading

Marina Bay Sands, SkyPark, The Shoppe @ Singapore – Day & Night


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Remember I told you guys I had a homestay with aunt and family?! Well, I was lucky as my aunt brought us to Marina Bay Sands and had a night stay over there. Woo hooo……

I am sure you must have heard so much about this mega structure; need no further introduction, allow me to use the photos to do the talking. 


The lobby




I was over excited to have a room fronting the fabulous view of Marina Bay. Trust me; you would rather stay in the room all night, mesmerizing the view of Marina Bay

Marina Bay Sands is the largest hotel in Singapore; with 2561 rooms and suites spread over three towers at the height of 55 floors. There are a total of 18 different types of room for you to choose from.

Contunue Reading

U.d.d.e.r.s Ice Cream @ Singapore


Category : Desserts, Singapore

What’s for SUPPER?!

scream for ICE CREAM!!!

Harrr??? Not fattening meh?! You may ask

Yes, it may be fattening, but how could you resist having one when everyone is queuing for it???


Seriously, when I got there at about 11PM, the queue was really long; the place was crowded and there wasn’t any vacant table available.  

Ground floor and first floor were packed with youngsters. I was begging in heart, please gimme a table for 4; I came from far (ie KL), die die also must try out this famous Singapore homemade ice cream

Thankfully I did not have to wait for long 🙂

Udders is Singapore homegrown ice cream. It is famous for the “adult” ice cream or the liqueur-ed ice cream. 


There was this huge chalk board on the wall, scribbled with all flavours. 
What’s that for?!


It is not the menu but a kind of voting system. On the board is a list of suggestion of flavour to be experimented; patrons can note down the flavour they wish to turn them into reality or vote the existing one using the colourful chalk. 

Hmmm, Ham & Cheese flavour; hotcakes & butter flavour; Apple pie flavour… I wish they all turn real.

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i ♥ taimei @ Bugis Village, Singapore


Category : Bubble Tea, Singapore, Snacks, Street Food, Taiwanese Food, Vacation - Singapore

To be honest, I really love Taimei(s)

You may ask,

Who is she/ who are they?!

They are… 

Selina, Ella, Hebe, Jolin Tsai, Xiao S, Da S…………….


See, taimei!!!
I like the idea where they name the food on the menu after Taiwanese celebrities!

Quirky menu, isn’t it?!


Contunue Reading

Happy Food – Garrett Popcorn @ Suntec Citylink Mall, Singapore


Category : Happy Food, Singapore, Snacks, Vacation - Singapore

I am stress out.
I am unhappy
I need my happy food
Something sweet and addictive
Something that can cheer me up.


That is you, my happy food – Garrett Popcorn


My cousin told me that this is a must try new great snack. 
She even added on, the queue is always very longggg.
It was still early (in the morning), and there was no sight of long queue.
We then happily grabbed a bag of Chicago Mix Caramel Crisp + Cheesecorn flavoured-popcorn. And had a picnic; facing the great view of the city and enjoy our happy food.
Contunue Reading

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