The KOBE Japanese Restaurant & Beer Garden @ Nihonkan, Jalan Ampang


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A new face pops up along Jalan Ampang?

Hmmm, yes and no… basically it is the same face but has relocated to a newer and bigger premises, drilling out with new concept and exciting dining experience for the diners.


The KOBE Japanese Restaurant & Beer Garden

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Japan Trip Day 2: Higonojin’ya @ Kumamoto


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For full itinerary, check out my Japan Trip 2014: 9D8N Hiroshima & Kyushu Area.

As my sakura fever has already and totally subsided, I think it is time to continue with a bit write up of my japan trip which happened last year. Sorry for late. As always, I am slow. >.<


After Hiroshima, it was the time for us to move on. We have pre-reserved our seats on Shinkansen and this round, we were heading down south. The journey took us about 1 hour 45 mins to Kumamoto-shi, the capital city of Kumamoto Perfecture in Kyushu and it is very well represented by this cute mascot character – Kumamon. Kumamon is japan’s most popular bear, with plump black body and red cute cheeks. You will get to see Kumamon everywhere in this area.

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Yoshinoya & Hanamaru Udon @ Mid Valley, KL


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Soft tender gyudon (beef rice bowl) from Yoshinoya was what I opted for whenever I need a quick and a healthier choice of meal in the mall. However, it was once disappeared away. Glad to see that Yoshinoya is back in action now, partnering with Hanamaru Udon under the same roof, offering a better options of dishes, be it don (rice bowls) or udon (thick wheat flour noodles).


Japanese Beef Bowl (Rm 9.8 for regular portion, Rm 11.8 for large portion).

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ROCKU Yakiniku Japanese Charcoal Grill @ Pavilion KL


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Located up at the 7th floor in Pavilion kl, here is one of the newest restaurants in the city. This is not an ordinary yakiniku restaurant serving just Japanese BBQ, but it combines the all-you-can-eat buffet concept with lively entertainments going around.


ROCKU Yakiniku Japanese Charcoal Grill

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Mei by Fat Spoon @ Desa Sri Hartamas, KL


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Appealing and colourful; boosting one’s appetite. Agree???

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Japan Trip Day 2: Hiroshima


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For full itinerary, check out my Japan Trip 2014: 9D8N Hiroshima & Kyushu Area.

In order to board our pre-reserved seats on time, we woke up extremely early and waited at the station. *scare we missed the bullet train mah*

We were heading to Hiroshima for a pit stop and explored a little before traveled down to Kyushu. The bullet train from Nagoya to Hiroshima took about 3 hours ++. It was time to sit back and relax and take a small nap.


Once aboard, breakfast time! These onigiri(s) are easily to be found at any konbini コンビニ (convenience store) in Japan. I can have a total of 4 to 5 origini(s) a day aside from main meals and tea time. They come in a variety of flavours, super yummy and I simply get addicted on them. Never get bored of trying all the flavours out. Of all, I fancy the mentaiko, salmon and the “fried rice style” salmon wakame musubi. Contunue Reading

Japan Trip Day 1: First thing to do when landed, なご家 & 铃の屋


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For full itinerary, check out my Japan Trip 2014: 9D8N Hiroshima & Kyushu Area.

Getting into Nagoya City:

1. By Train (Meitetsu Line) to Nagoya Station = limited express: 870 yen (33 mins); uSky: 1230 yen (28 mins)

2. By Airport Bus to Downtown Nagoya (Sakae/Fushimi area) = 1000 yen (about 50 mins)

We took the train to Nagoya Station. One can top up 360 yen for first class car on the limited express for extra room legs and more comfortable seats.


We bought the JR Rail Pass which allowed us to travel everywhere.
So the first thing to do at Nagoya Station => we looked out for the Japan Rail Pass Exchange Counter. We were given the JR Rail Pass passport card after filling in the required information and we had our Japan Rail Pass activated (for next day use).

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OKONOMI @ Publika, Solaris Dutamas, KL


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Gong Xi Fa Cai, people!!!

Bored with continuously day day Chinese feast?! Time to give a refreshing new taste to the palate…



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